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Fantasy: May 11, 2022 Issue [#11352]

 This week: Magical May
  Edited by: Snow is Writing Poetry
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About This Newsletter

Bluebells ring in May
calling the Fae out to play
at sunset each day.

Fae wearing bouquets
of Lilly of the Valley
dance the night away.

Word from our sponsor

Letter from the editor

May is the month of Maia, who was the Greek goddess of fertility. Lily of the Valley or Convallaria majalis, one of the most beautiful flowers anywhere, is the flower of May. This beautiful and fragrant flower, which looks like an upside down tea cup, has a darker side to it. It contains a poison that interferes with the heart's electrical functions. In the fall, this exquisite plant has orange-red berries, that should not be eaten because of the plant's toxins.

The attributes associated with this beautiful and deadly plant are happiness, humility, purity, luck, and chastity. Lilly of the Valley is one of the flowers that the Fae love, sing about, and desire. It is a magical plant in the garden, and is said to bloom above the graves of those falsely executed for a crime. The perfume of this flower is said to help a person see a better and happier world. The scent also has the ability to attract nightingales, while frightening away evil spirits. The ability to frighten evil spirits makes this flower an ingredient in witch's spells.

In addition to Lilly of the Valley, May has six powerful gemstones. These are ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, red garnet, and peridot or chrysolite. Some of the powers of these stones are warding off evil, improving eyesight, revealing concealed treasures, the ability to determine guilt, and other powers. The powers of these gems make them good talismans for any fantasy character.

Have you used any of May's magical items in a story? How would you use them to reveal your characters or move the plot forward? If you have any stories using these items, please submit them to this newsletter. The deadline is June 5 and the content is rating 18+ or less.

Editor's Picks

 The Horn  (E)
Flash Fiction
#2097747 by Jacky

 Keyboard  (E)
The family has an unknown member
#2271927 by Paul

 Zuk and Zub - A Fable For Our Time  (E)
Tale from the dawn of time - how fur became a fashion statement. Soon a Radio Play script
#1931498 by foxtale

Iceberg Castles  (E)
A pantoum written for a test writing job & rejected as "too difficult a form..."
#1070723 by winklett

 Canyon of Disbelief  (E)
What A Character contest. Use western character in an odd way
#2269516 by Starling

The Lawman  (18+)
He brings justice to town. Only justice. (What a Character, March 2022)
#2270450 by L_P

Sheriff Cody  (E)
Cody finds himself a little out of his normal environment
#2268843 by Sumojo

The Rabbit and The Elf  (E)
A lost rabbit makes for an unlikely encounter - written for "The Dialogue 500"
#2079854 by Jellyfish Stands With Ukraine

Sprocket  (E)
A steampunk tinker helps her employer win the big race--300 words
#2092537 by Schnujo

Activities, Groups, and Contests

The Anthro Activity Anteroom  (13+)
A fun activity room for Non-Humans.
#1654618 by BIG BAD WOLF

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Ask & Answer

Elfin Dragon-finally published writes: re: the urban legend about the catfish...If you've ever watched "River Monsters" with Jeremy Wade you'd believe. *Smile* But most catfish anywhere that size in the States live at the bottom of large reservoirs made by dams, like Hoover Dam. And that's only because no one fishes near the dams.

Howler of the Moon writes: My town had a doctor who seemed to have been amazing at his job. It was said he delivered hundreds of babies and never lost one. One notable patient of his was a football player. He was run over by a trolley or cart and carried several feet. The town doctor managed to nurse the football player back to health.

dragonwoman writes: Thank you for including The Strangeness Phenomenon in your picks for this newsletter

BIG BAD WOLF writes: There's all kinds of things, if one opens their ears.

Angel Wolf writes: Nice! It's always nice to see another Okie! Heh, I grew up in a small town named Stroud, located by Tulsa.

Detective writes: Unfortunately, I never heard any specific urban legends attached to the towns I've lived in. Perhaps they simply never got around to me for whatever reason. The urban legends I heard growing up consisted of the ones that have been passed around for decades, like the killer in the backseat, the hook and the phantom female hitchhiker. There are a few stories from my state that I stumbled across in a book a few years ago, including a cryptid, a red-haired phantom hitchhiker who's not nearly as polite as his female counterpart, and a triangle shaped area that's much like the more famous one down in Bermuda. But I don't live anywhere near any of those.

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