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 This week: I Need Help!
  Edited by: ♥ Leger ♥
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to highlight some of the current contests and activities on the site, help educate members on how to host contests and activities and provide clues to submit quality entries to contests. Write to me if you'd like something in particular covered.

This week's Contests and Activities Editor
♥ Leger ♥

Word from our sponsor

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Letter from the editor

I Need Help!

Sometimes life likes to throw us a curveball. It happens. And sometimes people are unhappy because your contest or activity didn't go off as planned. Well, let's plan!

First, admit you need help before a crisis occurs. If you get a lot of interest in your item, don't run it alone. Before you close an activity or contest because of a problem, see if you can find help to run it. Things are great and you can edit and help people along, but who can help when you're not online? Or not able to get internet? Help can be right here.

This is where we get into the reason for this newsletter. What I'm suggesting is to form a Group. If you're an upgraded account look at our "Writing.Com 101 documentation about "Group and see how this item type can benefit your activity or contest. Group members can be given certain privileges, like edit rights, access to email the group, and sharing items. You can create Group Only items for work within the group.

Some of the unique advantages of a group item are that it can store gift points. This keeps the piggy bank visible/not visible to the group and separate from your personal gift point stash. Another is the Group Succession Plan. This gives staff the right to transfer the group if the leader has an unanticipated/extended absence from Writing.Com. For those of you who have very active groups, I suggest you keep all your group items in a folder and bequeath the folder.

While the intricacies of a Group seem complicated, it's only as complicated as you want to make it. If you just want to use it for a group email, go for it! Just read all the documentation and ask for help if you need it. Our community has a "Technical Support Forum and "Non-Technical Support Forum to give you some help.

Give it a try!

This month's question: What unique ideas do you have for a Group item? Send in your answer below! *Down* Editors love feedback!

Editor's Picks

WdC SuperPower Reviewers Group  (E)
Join the fun! We inspire reviewers through kindness and learning! Winner of seven Quills!
#1300305 by Maryann

We have Fun! We are kind to each other. We help educate.

Poetry Review Garden  (E)
Poetry Review Garden offers reviews to all poetry items.
#2265905 by GERV✨prep Magical Adventure

Poetry Review Garden is specially landscaped to bring and encourage everyone to review all types of poems. This is also a place to cultivate and flourish everyone's reviewing style, bloom their community recognition, and a place to harvest delightful rewards.

The Sci-fi Writers Guild  (18+)
Collaborations, discussions and reviews - Welcome to the Sci-fi Writers Guild
#1617315 by EvilDawg - Vigilante Ranger!!

Science Fiction has long been a staple of literature and media. This Group is dedicated to helping and honing the craft of the Sci-fi Genre. If you love Sci-fi, as I do, and want to have your work reviewed, critiqued, and sponsored then you have come to the right place. We accept all levels of writing and welcome all who want to walk among us, unfettered by anything that may hold you back from your creative process.

The Screenwriting Group  (E)
A Writing.Com group dedicated to the craft and business of screenwriting.
#1979733 by Jeff

A nondescript conference room with an enormous steel-and-glass table dominating the center of the room. Jeff (30s, handsome) sits in one of the expensive-looking chairs that surrounds the table. He motions for the NEW GROUP MEMBERS to sit and slides a folder down the table toward each of them

Write4Kids Book Club   (ASR)
Read and review the selected book-of-the-month (children/teen genre) and earn a MB!.
#2247572 by Cubby

Our mission as writers and readers of this genre is to discuss characters, plot, and hook.
What did you like? What didn't you like? Did you like the writing style? Did you learn anything as a writer?
I hope as writers, we will grow from reading and discussing a variety of children and teen books.

Blogging Circle of Friends   (E)
A group for WDC bloggers.
#1901868 by Witchy woman prays 4 Ukraine

We have established this group to promote the writing efforts of all WDC bloggers, to create friendships and ties with other WDC bloggers, and to learn more about ourselves and each other through our blogging efforts.

RAOK Upgrade Brigade Group  (E)
RAOK (Random Acts Of Kindness) helps members by Upgrading them.
#398524 by Writing.Com Support

RAOK was originally created1 as a "Random Acts of Kindness" way to grant lucky Writing.Com members with an Upgraded membership. Over the years, RAOK has gifted over a thousand Upgraded memberships to our authors and we plan on doing so for many years to come!

RAOK gifts Upgraded memberships and does not give Basic or Premium upgrades. This enables us to give out more individual two-month upgrades and thus help as many Writing.Com authors as we can. In addition, upgrades are only given to primary accounts, not authorized secondary accounts.

The Grief Hostel Group   (18+)
Join an active support group in your time of need. We also celebrate victories over trauma
#1984506 by Nixie 🐈‍⬛

Think of us in a good way as member support. In our group there is warmth and strength. Sorrow and joy. Loss and new love. I'm thankful for every single member.

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Word from Writing.Com

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Ask & Answer

This month's question: What unique ideas do you have for a Group item? Send in your answer below! *Down* Editors love feedback!

Last month's question: Have you revamped a favorite item? Was it successful?

Katya the Poet responded:
I hadn't even thought of what you describe here, but in a way I do it every April, providing 30 new prompts for a poem-a-day activity in my Dew Drop Inn forum! We are almost halfway through now, and it is informal, anyone can join at any time, as writers may be writing poems in other forums, too! In April the forum is only for poems--no comments, as readers are encouraged and expected to comment/review in the writers' own portfolios via links. "Rules" are provided at the top, and I "pin" the latest prompt, for ease in finding/replying...though all prompts are listed in the header as they arrive.

Dew Drop Inn  (18+)
April poem-a-day poetry spot!
#1370829 by Katya the Poet

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