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 This week: Dramady?
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About This Newsletter

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Life has its daily drama. It's filled with conflict, irritability, nonsense and petty issues that need attention no matter how weary the psyche is. Laughter is a great tension breaker!

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Letter from the editor

Hello folks!

Welcome to another edition of the Comedy Newsletter. It's always an honor and pleasure to here with you.

I have thought of how life has its ups and downs and each day brings us new dramas. If you're like me, you hate all the drama, but it does get dumped on our laps not matter how we feel about it. Drama, as a genre to write about can be wonderful. We get to choose how it ends. Sometimes it is filled with sadness or serious situations that must be confronted.

Yes, you are in the right place. This is the Comedy Newsletter. Humor has a place in drama, no matter how serious the subject matter. Even after-funeral gatherings bring out laughter when loved ones talk about some amusing tidbit about the life of the one who has passed on. That's the moment you must capture in your drama writing. Characters should have a well-rounded personality that encompasses expressions of love, pain, fear, and laughter.

Last week, I had a dental appointment. Dentists are one of those places where many people feel apprehensive. Whether its a surgical procedure or just a cleaning, the scent of strong fake-mint which makes the goop shoved in the mouth more palatable or the sounds of grinding and drilling, hit your senses the moment you enter the office.

I was there for my yearly cleaning. I am one who wants a quick in and out experience with the dental hygienist. Get 'em done, and let me go. I have put off getting X-Rays for a few years, or more. I got away with it by promising I'd get it done on the next visit. This year, I wasn't going to get away with it. I did not have my usual hygienist. Nope, this one was a 34 year veteran in the field and wasn't going to let me get away with it.

"Hello, WebWitch. I am Fran, I'm pleased to meet you."

Okay, I'm already tense sitting in the torture chair, but my brain heard "Fang" not Fran.

"Hello, pleased to meet you, too."

"Okay, WW, I see from your chart here that you haven't had any X-Rays since 2016. You will be getting them today."

I knew this one had my number. I was at her mercy. No chance I could escape the whole radioactive tools stuck into my mouth uncomfortably and threateningly with orders to remain still while biting down on a thing covered in plastic while trying to breathe.

"Ummm, okay, but I have to warn you, I'm claustrophobic. I don't like anything in the way of free breathing and swallowing. I know I have a nose, but my mouth is my back-up breathing body-part that gives me a sense of security."

"Oh, I understand WW. Not to worry one bit. It's just one full-mouth Xray."

"One is deceiving. It's four times one X-Ray, since you have to place the X-Ray thingy that takes a picture in each quarter of my mouth, that equals four."

"Yes, that is true. But, it will be quick and I will make it as comfortable as possible." *Devilish*

"Fang" stuck that plastic covered item with the hard clamp which I had to bite down on and it was anything but comfortable. She was about to take the "picture" and stopped to ask me to uncross my feet. Now I'm curious.

"Why do I have to uncross my feet? They are comfortable that way in this chair. You said you want me to be comfortable." *Angelic*

"It's only during the X-Rays. You may cross them during the cleaning."

"But, what do crossed feet have to do with X-Rays in my mouth? Does the radiation travel from my mouth to my feet making them shake or glow due to slowed down circulation of blood from crossed-feet?"

Somehow, "Fang," found that amusing and took a few moments to chuckle after placing the gadget in my mouth. She explained while the gadget was still in my mouth I suppose, to prevent me from further comment. Reminder, I'm claustrophobic! *Worry*

"It's because crossed feet can cause the gag reflex. Hold still." Click.

"What in all that's holy, do feet have to do with what's going on in my mouth? You've got to be kidding."

"Actually it is an issue. Some patients have a strong gag reflex and something in the mouth while feet are crossed gives them that sensation. Do you have a strong gag reflex?"

Dang ,a question about my gag-reflex? How do I answer that? I've never thought about that while visiting a dentist. Now, it's all I'm going to think about. Should I dare cross my feet at the time of the "zap" so I can actually find out if it's true? Do I want to prove I am not a normal person but a witch who wouldn't dare have a gagging moment?

"May I try to test that theory?" *Proud*

"You're welcome to try, but I say better safe than sorry. It'll only make the rest of the X-Rays more tense and uncomfortable for you should the gag-reflex kick in." *Sneaky*

My brain inserts the Wicked Witch of the West's cackle from "Fang," although an imaginary. thought. I had to admit, folks, I just wanted this whole procedure done. I complied with the feet. She took the four sided X-Rays. But something was nagging at me. She was staring at the pictures behind me. I think I heard a little exhale of frustration.

" I know, you, lied, you need more X-Rays."

"Fang" let out a laugh. "Yes, WW, I lied. I do need a better picture of one side."

She snapped another, and I stated that she was going to do one more. That was a fact, as well. She proceeded onto the cleaning. I could feel freedom just within my reach. Feet crossed mouth opened and cleaning being done. Wonder why that doesn't produce a gag-reflex if feet crossed and X-Rays. It's just not normal, I say!

That "one mouth X-Ray" turned into six uncomfortable clicks. But I was done with it, probably for another six years if I have my way — and a different hygienist, that is.

Yup, see you next year, Fang ...Not!

"Thank you so much, so much Fang Fran. I'll set up my appointment for next year, and ask for YOU." *Ha*

It's a Zap-Wrap and Gag end of this edition of the Comedy Newsletter.

Until next time--laugh hard, laugh often!

See you at the end of this month!

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Ask & Answer

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Did it change the mood of those around you?

Was it better or worse?

See you at the end of the month, folks!


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