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Drama: October 05, 2022 Issue [#11583]

 This week: What a character!
  Edited by: Lilli ☕️ 🧿
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
6. Ask & Answer
7. Removal instructions

About This Newsletter

Some of us are eagerly working on the "October Novel Prep Challenge"   by Brandiwyn🎶 and others may be working independently gearing up for November's NaNoWriMo! While the content of this newsletter will be useful to those aforementioned groups, I think any writer may find these tips for character development helpful. *FingersCrossed*

Word from our sponsor

Letter from the editor

Here's a little brainstorming exercise to help you narrow down the essential elements of your main characters.

So, grab a pad of paper and your favorite writing implement, and let's get started.
Allow yourself between 30 - 60 minutes to complete this.

First things first:
         *Bulletb* Name
         *Bulletb* Age
         *Bulletb* Time - where are they in time, what year
         *Bulletb* General personality (introvert/extrovert)

1. Goals, motivation, and conflict
         *Bulletb* What fear or desire drives your character
         *Bulletb* What are some wants, needs, fears

2. Strengths, inherent and learned
         *Bulletb* How does this character handle their emotions
         *Bulletb* Are they quick to anger or judge
         *Bulletb* Are they comfortable expressing their emotions
         *Bulletb* Is this character careful/timid, open-minded/over-thinking, determined/stubborn

3. Important relationships
         *Bulletb* Does this character have a close relationship with someone
         *Bulletb* Is family/extended family important

4. Appearance
         *Bulletb* How does this person dress
         *Bulletb* Hair: long/short, color, straigh/curly, etc.
         *Bulletb* Complextion

5. Flaws
         *Bulletb* Choose one major flaw
         *Bulletb* Is there a flaw they struggle to get past?
         *Bulletb* stubbornness, pride, cowardice, etc.

6. Home, living circumstances, work
         *Bulletb* Where do they live and with whom
         *Bulletb* Where do they work, or are they a student
         *Bulletb* Does this character have a hobby/hobbies

7. Preferred travel method
         *Bulletb* Car? What kind of car?
         *Bulletb* Do they walk, take bus/taxi

8. Backstory as it relates to the storyline
         *Bulletb* A character's backstory will determine how they react to situations
         *Bulletb* Is this character a lost soul
         *Bulletb* Any unusual experiences from their childhood
         *Bulletb* Psst... more on creating character backstories next month!

9. The things in her pockets, or backpack, or car, or purse, etc.
         *Bulletb* Does this character carry a lucky charm or something significant they can't be without
         *Bulletb* Think about the things you carry around and give your character an interesting item
         *Bulletb* Does the character carry a weapon
         *Bulletb* Gum, candy, bandaids, tissues, a marble, a keepsake

10. Habits, mannerisms, ticks
         *Bulletb* Do they have any pet peeves, phobias, or insecurities
         *Bulletb* Do they have a habit that they are easily recognized by

11. Other elements and factors that occur to you as interesting or important
         *Bulletb* Archetype or Personality type
         *Bulletb* Are his/her values rooted in religion or personal philosophy, give some consideration to their moral code.
         *Bulletb* What is their religion/faith and will it be important when making decisions
         *Bulletb* Can you think of other things to add here

Phew!! How'd you do with your brainstorming? Tell me how it went!

Editor's Picks

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NaNoWriMo Write-A-Thon  (ASR)
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WDC Writing University Library  (ASR)
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#2224853 by Jim Hall

A Writing Exercise  (18+)
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#2219764 by A E Willcox

MechGrammical  (13+)
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#2160953 by Satuawany

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Ask & Answer

Feedback from "Facts - Keeping them Straight

Elfin Dragon-finally published wrote:
Something you forgot in the weaponry category is swords/knives (or anything metal). Forging is an art, and certain metals behave in different ways when heat is applied. Also, the person wielding the weapon must be skilled in its use. Because if used the wrong way, the strongest sword could break. Like blocking the barrel of a gun or cannon.

Very good and useful information, indeed. Thank you!

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