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 This week: What Do I Do With Gift Point
  Edited by: Legerdemain
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About This Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to highlight some of the current contests and activities on the site, help educate members on how to host contests and activities, and provide clues to submit quality entries to contests. Write to me if you'd like something in particular covered.

This week's Contests and Activities Editor

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Letter from the editor

What Do I Do With Gift Points?

During the WDC birthday week, gift point rewards for reviewing were crazy high! I hope you had time to take advantage of the special and do some quality reviews and earned a stockpile of gift points. I was a bit busy but managed to log in (more gift points) and do a few reviews and earn nearly 100,000 gift points.

What can you do with gift points? I'm glad you asked! First off, you can renew or upgrade your account. Get more slots for your portfolio, or upgrade and have access to more features on our site. The account levels and their features are shown here "The Writing.Com Shop. It shows the dollar amount for the upgrade, but att 00 to the dollar amount, and you'll have the number of gift points you need. In other words, if you want to have an upgraded account for $49.95, add two zeros and it will be 499,500 gift points. Earn 1400 gift points a day and you've got yourself an upgrade.

There's also branded gear in the WDC shop...get yourself some swag with the really cool WDC logo on it. And right now, clipboards are on sale.
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I personally love the travel mugs, they're very sturdy. I love that I can turn my hard work on reviews into something tangible to use in my home.

Along with the swag and upgrades, you can save your gift points and reward your friends with Awardicons, create Trinkets, or give a merit badge. You can even "Commission a Custom Merit Badge for your group or the community. These can be fabulous prizes for your contest or activity.

The holiday season is just around the corner, what a great way to gift some of your friends on Writing.com. If they list their physical address in their account, you can send them some fun things.

Finally, you can always save your points and use them to host a great contest or activity. And don't forget, you can reward other members for their awesome reviews on the Reviewers page. The link to the Reviewers page is in your left column. You can see who has the most credited reviews and who the Most Active reviewers are.

There are lots of ways to use your gift points and upgrade or help your community.

Write and Reward On!

This month's question: What do you spend your gift points on? Send in your answer below! *Down* Editors love feedback!

Editor's Picks

October Novel Prep Challenge  (13+)
A month-long novel-planning challenge.
#1474311 by Brandiwyn🎶

Each day in October, complete an assignment from the 2022 Prep Calendar. The exercises will help you develop your novel-length story before writing it and prepare for the marathon writing of NaNoWriMo.

I supply an acronym; you make up what it stands for. My favorite entries win gift points!
#921363 by Kraken through the Snow

I will provide a series of letters that will serve as an acronym, and your mission is to offer the most creative answer to the question of what that acronym represents.

The Contest Challenge  (13+)
Join by entering a contest a month for 12 months--Win Badges! Catching up is allowed!
#2109126 by Schnujo

COME ON! You're already entering contests! Why not get Merit Badges for doing it?

Anniversary Reviews  (E)
Celebrate Writing.Com member account anniversaries with reviews. Earn GPs and MBs.
#1565040 by Santa Sum1

Celebrate your fellow members with an Anniversary Review!

Quotation Inspiration: Official Contest  (ASR)
Use the quote provided to write a story and win big prizes!
#1207944 by Writing.Com Support

September's Site Contest

Good Deeds Get CASH!  (E)
Write reviews to win cash prizes!
#1908150 by Writing.Com Support


The Whatever Contest -- Closes Oct. 2  (13+)
This irregular contest will change each round. Nature poem? Horror story? Whatever.
#2232242 by Schnujo

This contest has a different type of prompt each round and doesn't run monthly, so join when you can!

We often offer multiple prompts, which means more chances to get GPs for entering! Every entry gets GPs and winners get more GPs, plus an awardicon!

The WDC Angel Army  (ASR)
Dedicated to promoting positivity, encouragement, and support to the WDC community.
#1188309 by iKïyå§ama

Please note that we are not a group based on only giving reviews - the act of goodwill extends BEYOND that. It's in welcoming a new member to our site. It's in promoting our site to others who might not have heard of us. It's in granting an upgrade to one in need or to newbies to foster their writing. It's in dropping someone a c-note or just a little message to let them know they are being thought of, it's in participating in writing contests and improving our skills to become better, and so much more.

Halloween Madlib  (13+)
A young witch in training prepares for the busiest night of the year.
#2060332 by Tiggy

Try a fun Halloween madlib!

Kona Coffee Crossword  (E)
Take a sip and relax with some warm coffee from my home to yours
#2182171 by Emily

Mmmmm, coffee.

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Ask & Answer

This month's question: What do you spend your gift points on? Send in your answer below! *Down* Editors love feedback!

Last month's "Contests & Activities Newsletter (August 31, 2022) question: Do you use the random review features?

Elfin Dragon-finally published : I do, on rare occasions, use the random review features. I think it's great the option is there for when I come on and I want something to do. Plus it's a great chance for new authors to get reviewed.

🐺Wolfkingdom🏰 : Totally. You never know who or what your gonna run into with that function. Who knows, you might find something to inspire your next piece of work.

Eliza West : Oh, yeah. It's always fun to discover new works, and sometimes you can't choose out of the hundreds of great stories, so this is a way to effortlessly spice things up.

Soldier_Mike : In a manner of speaking. You see, my reviews are spaced so far apart *Blush*, any one I do is fairly random.

N.A Miller : Never have but I will look into it. Doesn't mind giving random reviews.

Thankful Sonali WDC Power! : Yes, yes, very often!
I've had some great reading thanks to this! *Smile*

Lynn Nichole : I have a few times, enough to decide that I'd like to do it more regularly.

Kymela Tejasi : I'm not very good at reviewing, but on the rare occasion I try it, I do usually use the random feature.

AmyJo - Holidays are here! : Often go to Read and Review. Sometimes Read A Newbie. They are pretty fun.

Buddhangela's treading water : I've recently been using the Read & Review option in the left side menu. Sometimes you have to click through a few because really old items will come up that might not appreciate a review as much as a more recent review. But it's an easy way to earn GPs, and you can click through until something strikes your fancy.

chrismousethyme : That's my go to when I have time to review.

Thanks to everyone for your responses, it is much appreciated! Leger~

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