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Spiritual: January 18, 2023 Issue [#11763]

 This week: Who Are You?
  Edited by: Kitti
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About This Newsletter

What do you like best about yourself?

We are shaped by what's around us. So who are we, really, when you get right down to it?

This week's Spiritual Newsletter is about you, and me, and what's at our very core.


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Letter from the editor

Who are you? We all wear many different faces; we’re not the same person in the office as we are with our friends. We’re child, parent, brother, sister, good friend, acquaintance, colleague and customer. And so much more. In a single day we may show our stern face and our fun face, geek out with our pals and lecture someone about leaving Lego on the stairs for the millionth time. Who are we then, really, when you get right down to it? When you’re on your own with no pressures and no expectations, what face do you show? What are you about?

The easy answer, when I think about it, is that I am all of those people. The roles I play in different settings and different scenarios, with various others around me, are a part of what makes me me. I am a daughter, a sister, an aunt, a wife, my cats’ human, and so on. The Kit who attempts to give sensible advice to her sister is the same as the one who makes up silly songs to sing to her furballs. Yet, not every face – every role- fits comfortably. The me that I show to the world does not always reflect how I feel, and can clash with my morals and standards. Which isn’t great.

You may tell me that that’s normal. And that’s probably true. It’s common to appear more cheerful than we feel. To not wish to worry, or burden, others with our problems. When attending a job interview it’s all but expected that we’ll say what recruiters want to hear, rather than how we genuinely feel about the position on offer. Unless you’re very fortunate, it’s unlikely that you’re as excited about the role and as interested in the company as what you express when you’re in that seat. Nor is it acceptable to say that what appeals to you most is the money, even though money is why most of us work the jobs that we do. Some disconnect, then, between our public face and our private feelings is built into the societal expectations that we live with.

And it goes deeper than that. From the moment we are born, we are shaped by what’s around us. We’re told what’s right and what’s wrong, how the world works, how to be and not to be, what to hope for and wish for and aspire to by our family, our friends, school, TV, newspapers and other media, and nowadays the Internet, and whether or not we realise it, it affects us. When you strip that away, what’s left? What about you is original, rather than various layers of external influence? What is my true personality? What, interwoven with my senses, and internal and external processes, is my soul?

Someone recently told me that because our bodies are inhabited by trillions of microorganisms, if reincarnation were real it could be that we’d eventually come back as a slug, and a flower, and a horse, and a tree at the same time, and whilst that was just a random thought, I did not like that idea. Not one bit. I see my me as one whole, and would not like it to be split into parts (let alone trillions of parts), like Voldemortian puzzle pieces spread across the globe. My friend found it comforting, to think that we may live on in such a manner, but whatever my soul may turn out to be, I prefer for it to stay as is.

I do believe that we each of us have a soul. Something above and beyond our biological processes. It’s that inner voice that accompanies me through the day – the one who encourages and berates me, makes up those silly cat songs, comes up with poems about lost socks and stories about octopi, squeals about Grogu and finds comfort at night looking out of the window and seeing the light of the moon.

Perhaps who we truly are is found there, at that core of our existence. It’s when we take an honest look inside of us that we can explore our deepest thoughts and feelings. When we dare analyze ourselves without shame or fear, what we’re likely to find is someone quite likeable, but possibly a little bruised and dented, because we live in a tough world. A world in which we cannot always express ourselves as we’d like.

What would you do with your life if you could do anything? Be anything? What would you change from who you are now?

I’ve found that the older I get, the less I care what other people think of me. I dress how I want. I enjoy the hobbies and collections that I want. I’d be lying if I said that I feel completely free to be who I am, though. I don’t know if I can ever be.

That doesn’t mean that we cannot get closer to our real me, or us. We could, if we were to grow a mutual understanding that we all just want to be happy, and find our place in this universe. From my soul to yours, I want to let you know that whoever you are, it’s okay. You’re okay. In fact, you’re wonderful, and no matter the external influences, there are things about you that are uniquely, beautifully yours. Let them out. Show them to the world. Maybe if we permitted ourselves to show our real face and shine, our experience on this planet would be a lot more enjoyable.


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