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 This week: Passion
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About This Newsletter

The purpose of this newsletter is to help the Writing.com author hone their craft and improve their skills. Along with that I would like to inform, advocate, and create new, fresh ideas for the author. Write to me if you have an idea you would like presented.

This week's Action / Adventure Editor

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Letter from the editor


They looked into each other's eyes, their lips only a fraction apart...and then it happened.

Okay, no. This newsletter isn't about romance and passion. It's about you as an action-adventure writer. What are you passionate about? Some of us have full-time careers and write once in a while on a Saturday afternoon. Some of us have little hooligans jumping around in the background while we try to peck out a paragraph on a sticky keyboard. But what makes us similar is that fire, the desire to write something that's been clamoring to get out and onto paper.

Then there are the authors that want to write, that love to spin a story but can't find the perfect idea. We're all searching for inspiration. But for me, the thing that gets me back to the keyboard in the middle of my chaotic life is an idea in my head that is just burning to be shared. I thought of this story, and now I'd like you to enjoy it too.

What inspires? Things you are passionate about. I define passion as something that tickles and intrigues my imagination. That classic "what if" scenario. Things I see happening around me. Then when I start to think about that scenario, I feel the challenge to invent the story. Obviously, if I were someone who wrote non-fiction, it would be knowledge I want to share with and educate others. When you find yourself setting aside other things because you need to write what is in your head, you've found passion.

So be passionate and Write On!

This month's question: What are you passionate about?
How do you use that in your writing?

Answer below *Down* Editors love feedback! *Heart*

Editor's Picks

Quotation Inspiration: Official Contest  (ASR)
Use the quote provided to write a story and win big prizes!
#1207944 by Writing.Com Support

Prompt: "The eyes only see what the mind is prepared to comprehend."
-- Robertson Davies

The Writer's Cramp  (13+)
Write the best STORY or POEM in 24 hours or less and win 10K GPs!
#333655 by Sophy

DAILY PROMPTS are found in posts with these words in the subject line WINNER AND NEW PROMPT

Uriah and the Tagman  (18+)
The mage explains things to his friend. Winner of SCREAMS!!! March 06 2021.
#2245967 by Beholden

Excerpt: “I’m not a wizard, I’m a mage.” Uriah was obviously quite insulted at the description of himself pronounced by his old friend, Tagman the Unforgiven.

Wash and Dry  (E)
Two old-timers contemplate their future
#2262173 by Bobby Lou Stevenson

Excerpt: When major home appliances are beyond repair and become as useful as a pair of barbed wire house slippers, they are unceremoniously replaced: out with the old and in with the new. Unfortunately, the emotional state of these once indispensable items is not considered or acknowledged by those who benefited from their loyal servitude.

The Eleventh Sign  (ASR)
The square root of a negative contemplates Skye becoming the Aurora Borealis of his soul.
#2280411 by ~~ BKCompton ~~ even ~~ keeled

Excerpt: On thin-bladed, pale earth, she laid her weight right on me. After half a block running ahead with long, loping strides, I allowed a spirited girl tumble me down to land on my torso. She reared back like she just roped a calf. Hot bodies pulsing, breathing slowly descended. My air intake regulated sooner, before she uttered, “you're as irrational as you are impossible to catch, Lee.”

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2287985 by Not Available.

Excerpt: Autumn 1970 and I was making my way to the airman’s mess for my breakfast before starting duty at the Motor Transport Section. We have a military hospital on the camp and, Samantha, a nurse at the camp hospital and a real beauty, was coming in the other direction. I couldn’t believe my luck. This could be a perfect opportunity to ask her out on a date. I noticed the silly grin on her face as she approached.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2289804 by Not Available.

Excerpt: “Hello, wake up groundhog ! Time to come out and see your shadow ! Help bring on the spring !”

Ghog covered his ears with both his front paws and his pillow. He could still hear the strident human voice that was disturbing his sleep. He opened one eye and gave the red-faced human looking in his hole a sour look.

No Donuts Today Folks  (E)
A little mishap at the donut shop
#2289591 by Espero

Excerpt: It took a dedicated staff to produce donuts every day. The work started at 4:00 AM and the shop was open until 2:00 PM in the afternoon. Gertrude and Albert Adelberg were the owners and master bakers. They came from Germany in their late 20's, worked in New York under the tutelage of an old German baker, Gunther. When Gunther retired, Adelberg's purchased the bakery and ran it successfully for 20 years. In time, children grown, they grew tired of city life and moved to The Hamptons.

 Claire vs The Enormous Carrot   (E)
When a stubborn carrot just won't budge, a young woman needs a lot of help to pull it out.
#2225256 by Kieran1998

Excerpt: Twenty-three year old Claire Thompson was extremely proud of her back garden and all the different types of fruit and vegetables that grew in it

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Ask & Answer

This month's question: What are you passionate about?
How do you use that in your writing?

Answer below *Down* Editors love feedback! *Heart*

Last month's "Action/Adventure Newsletter (January 18, 2023) question: Have you had a wing-it adventure?
Did you use that in your writing?

StephBee : I agree, I think the "wing it" adventures that you go into with low expectations, are the ones you remember the most/or had the most fun. Previously, one of my wing it adventures was the Strawberry festival held in Oxnard, CA in May. Visiting Ventura, which is usually a spur of the moment decision over the weekend (wing it) is low key and fun. Other wing it adventures include Knotts Berry Farm (can't afford Disneyland) and Solvang, CA. As for this year, we'll see what adventure brings us.

Beholden : I think my whole life has been a wing-it adventure. Certainly, most of my short stories are.

Max Griffin 🏳️‍🌈 : I thought this was going to be about whether I was a "plotter" or a "pantser." I confess, I more seat-of-the-pants when it comes to writing. But for things like vacations, I'm definitely a planner. My partner's more wing-it, so we achieve a happy balance. Great newsletter, BTW!!

brom21 : Man, all I do is wing it! And my composition usually comes out quite well actually. Outlining and pantsing are both viable methods of writing. I believe Stephen King wings his work as a matter of fact. In my opinion, letting one's imagination take total control creates fluidity and allows fresh ideas to surface on their own. Thanks for the NL!

Quick-Quill : I'm a couch potato. I love to watch movie trailers, crime shows and true crime movies. I often get plot ideas. What if? That's the plot I'm struggling with now. What if you're a forensic artist and the skull you recreate is your face? We are moving with that.

Monty : No adventure A wing and a prayer to get through another year.

BIG BAD WOLF 34 on June 3 : I tend to like knowing what I'm doing.

Bilal Latif : To quote Indiana Jones: "I don't know, I'm making it up as I go."

TheBusmanPoet : My entire life has been a "wing-it" adventure. *Bigsmile*

FlyingDuckManGenesis : Sometimes inspiration for my Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? interactive story comes to me from watching episodes of the actual show. This interactive story is now five chapters away from reaching 1,000, and I plan to reward the user who adds the 1,000th chapter with 1,000 GPs.
 Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?  (E)
Your favorite characters from any franchise compete on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?.
#2256529 by FlyingDuckManGenesis

xxgameingxx : it belongs in a chicken

TJ-sort-of-an-Oddball : To quote (2082) 's quote: “What I love most about this crazy life is the adventure of it.” ~ Juliette Binoche.

The best, and craziest adventures I've had were unplanned and spur-of-the-moment. Before adopting teens, my wife kept a "Wing-It" bag packed in the car so no matter what spontaneous urge hit me, we would be somewhat prepared.

Yes, she felt a need to prepare for my impulsive way of life. How impulsive? We once spent a four-day road trip that started as a picnic!

oldgreywolf scribbles : Planning various activities is soooo blasé.

It's much more interesting to wander around . . .

. . . and watch the longpigs forget to duck.

Dave : Every morning.

jolanh : Entered into the NYC MIDNIGHT STORY CHALLENGE

corado : Declutter my home and my mind. I hope to finish before I become eligible for MAID.

Thank you to everyone who sent a response, you're much appreciated!

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