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 This week: I Need Inspiring!!
  Edited by: Lilli 🧿 ☕
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About This Newsletter

“People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.”
~ Zig Ziglar

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Letter from the editor

Do you need some writing inspiration? Has your Muse gone AWOL? Sometimes a prompt just isn't enough to inspire us, right? The days and weeks go by and you've made no progress with your writing goals. You know, deep inside, that your writing is important to you, but you are struggling with consistency. Regardless of how successful you are, there will be days you feel uninspired. What once seemed like a passion-filled calling can turn into a bit of a slog after a while.

Professional athletes love the game but don’t necessarily want to train their bodies daily. Business owners love money and recognition, but they don’t necessarily enjoy the process of getting their business off the ground. You love expressing yourself with words, but you won’t necessarily enjoy or feel successful at the end of every writing session.

We have to learn to inspire ourselves every day if we want to turn pro and become one of those successful writers we admire. To keep your inspiration fresh, you’ll have to find different things to get you inspired.

And sooooo, here are some ideas!!!

*Idea* Watch a TV show or movie
Some great writing can be seen in the scripts of your favorite shows or movies. Pay close attention to the dialogue, listen for the clever storytelling methods,then use them in your writing.

*Idea* Reread some old reviews you've received.
If you've been here a while, you've likely received some great reviews. Surely you must have gotten a compliment or two about your work. Keep a file with positive comments you’ve received about your writing and go back and reread them when you need some inspiration.

*Idea* Set Deadlines
Give yourself deadlines for your writing projects. They might seem arbitrary, but deadlines help you stay motivated to push through; they make you treat your writing like a business instead of a hobby.

*Idea* Inspiration Notebook
Start an inspiration notebook! I've talked about writer's notebooks in the past and I'm mentioning it again here because I think they are great tools. We always come across inspiring material, whether it's quotes, places we visit, poems or paintings, essays we read, or experiences we have.

What if you created a place to document and store all of this inspiration so you could use it later in your writing? This could be in a form of journaling or scrapbooking a collection of inspiring ideas. You could keep track of things you’ve thought to yourself or heard from other people that inspire you. When your inspiration is running low, look through your notebook for ideas!

*Idea* People-Watch
Have you ever looked at a couple across the room at a restaurant and wondered what other people's lives were like? Or walked past an older person at the park and thought about what crazy experiences they’ve had?

People-watching can be a great inspiration for writing. You can observe people you don’t know, and let the mystery of their lives inspire you to write a story about what they could be like. It’s a writing exercise, but knowing you can draw material from anywhere is inspiring.

How or where do you draw your inspiration from? Tell me about it below in the comment section.

Editor's Picks

The House in the Woods  (13+)
Buying a house, sight unseen, is a gamble, especially for a murderer like Frank. Contest.
#2320062 by Troyizen

The Nightingale's Omen  (E)
A nightingale gives Queen Astria an omen of darkness. - Daily Flash Fiction May 2024
#2319986 by Dee

Wherever I Go  (13+)
Some people pray to their God for some magic... Others are quietly going insane.
#2319965 by Amethyst Angel🌸📝🪽

Whatever You Like  (E)
chowing down
#2319928 by Solace.Bring

The Marsh Rabbit  (ASR)
The large figure pounced from the wooded area (Flash fiction)
#2319916 by Charles

Jumping Spiders  (E)
Clara takes the prize for most unusual
#2319758 by Purple Princess

Something Else up There  (18+)
Don't speak ill of the dead(even when their actions do?)
#2319750 by St. Francis II

A Trip Inspired  (E)
Remembering our trip through a special souvenir.
#2319676 by JACE

The Phone  (ASR)
Who keeps calling?
#2319529 by Jeremy

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Ask & Answer

Comments from my last Drama Newsletter, "Being an Empathetic Reader/Reviewer:

StephBee wrote:
I agree - think on any story, there's a little bit of the author in them. I just wrote a wild one, called Budapest Jones Gets Shipwrecked. It's a wild one, but it has a touch of adventure and mystery in it, and I enjoy those genres.

*Heartp* Thanks for sharing.

Elisa the Bunny Stik wrote:
I admit I have some issues with the sandwich feedback method. Its effectiveness has been heavily debated for at least the last decade, and I can understand how it can make the criticism seem hidden. While much of this debate is happening in the business world, I think it would be foolish to assume it's not happening in other spheres of influence.

Likewise, even in my early review days I didn't use it when reviewing pieces. When I do review these days, I focus more on providing quotes and possible tweaks in my criticism. I figure that going into detail on points where I think the writing needs work is more useful to writers than balancing positive/negative feedback.

*Heartp* Thanks for sharing your thoughts on reviewing techniques. Like you, I offer suggestions, not just pointing out errors that need work. I feel like there needs to be a balance so I also tell writers which areas I thought were effective.

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