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 This week: Tone it Down
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

"No one is entitled to see your social media, and you’re quite free to block people as you see fit. There might be an argument against blocking people for simple disagreements, but no one really has the right to demand access to your information. I’m by no means a prolific blocker, but have blocked and been criticised for blocking people in the past. I’m comfortable in my decision to block people, and you should be too." ~ Megan Carthy

Word from our sponsor

Letter from the editor

Tone it Down

Writing.Com is a very unique place on the internet. It's one of the last, possibly THE very last place where people are kind and civilized with each other. There is very little interpersonal drama even amongst people who would not get along at all in the outside world.

At the same time, even here, there is the occasional need to get some distance from another member. There are several ways to reduce the amount of exposure to the content of others. There are also ways to stop others from seeing you.

One the Newsfeed, there are two ways to filter what you see.

1. Curate your Personal Newsfeed. That means, follow (or fan) all of the members whose updates you want to see and then only check your Personal Newsfeed. This way, you know that whatever you will see on your Personal Newsfeed will be interesting and relevant to you.
Drawback: You will miss out on anyone's announcements whom you don't follow.

2. Hide This Member. In the top right corner of every Newsfeed post, there is a little down arrow. If you click on it, a drop down menu shows up that allows you to save that specific note. Or you can Hide This Note (only hides that one Note). Lasty, you can Hide This Member. This means, even if you regularly scroll on the Community Newsfeed, you will no longer see that member's Newsfeed posts.
Drawback: Make sure you really don't want to see that member in the Newsfeed because in order to see them again, you will have to Manage your hidden content: My Account -> Account Settings -> Show Hidden Content

The good thing about filtering out the content that other members post on the Newsfeed is that you are the only one who knows it. Nobody's feelings get hurt and you can both enjoy your time here on the site without any awkwardness.

In some rare instances, you might want to stop seeing the content that is posted by a person completely. And you also don't want them to see you any longer. You are now moving to block and ignore them. This step is more radical and the other person knows they are blocked. If the other member tries to open any of your items, they now get a message that it is set to private. They also can't send you any emails. There is a wall between the two of you that only you can unlock.
To block or unblock another person, follow these steps:
My Account -> Account Settings -> Block/Ignore Members

Blocking is somewhat harsh, but it can offer a needed respite when things would otherwise get ugly.

What can you do when you got blocked?

Seriously? Do nothing! If someone blocked you, then they had a reason. It's quite involved to get to the block/ignore page.

Why should you block someone and for how long should you keep them blocked?

These are questions that you have to figure out on a case by case basis. If you only needed some time to let your own thoughts and emotions calm down, consider unblocking members that you blocked after a while. It makes the site easier to use when we can all see each other.

Do you know how to reduce contact with others online?

Editor's Picks

WDC L'il Helper Contest  (E)
Submit your best How-To essay or narrative that explains a specific aspect of Writing.com.
#2308999 by JACE

Blocked Connection  (13+)
As it approaches the 6 month mark, I see his picture from my phone blocking app.
#1989484 by Future Mrs. B

Say What?!?  (E)
A fun little contest about dialogue.
#2318885 by Averren

1. Ignored  (13+)
In which Kai gets phone call he doesn't want.
#2317496 by aracrae

Date Night  (ASR)
Don't ignore the one you love
#2157174 by Jayne

CommuniBees  (E)
A community-driven charitable collective. Help make some honey and earn merit badges!
#2319078 by Jeremy

Question of the Day!  (18+)
Come answer a question, share a laugh, encourage one another, and bring me a coffee!
#2142667 by Lilli 🧿 ☕

Prompt-based expression of thoughts
#2299675 by Solace.Bring

Three Perspectives Contest  (E)
Write a story from three different perspectives.
#2315975 by Averren

The 7/7 Forum  (18+)
Message Forum to chat and Interact with fellow WDC members 7 days a week
#2312629 by Jellyfish in Albania! 🌞

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Ask & Answer

Replies to my last Drama newsletter "Reality vs. Fiction that asked Do you still think you should get your inspiration from reading others' books or watching movies?

Quick-Quill wrote: Yes, I wrote a novel Silent River based on the Martin Family that went missing in the Columbia River in 1958. I interviewed the detective on the case and that story in itself is interesting. He hung up on me three times before talking to me. This murder has a deep dive into organized crime and has never been solved. I wrote a fiction because I could take all the facts and skew them toward what we think really happened and why. I used police reports, newspaper articles and interviews to write this fiction based on fact.

It seems to me that you took reality and fictionalized it. I think that is the better way of going about it than just reading something and then copying a theme or style. Although your book is fiction, the research you put into it makes is docu-drama.

Beholden wrote: I'll take inspiration wherever it comes from. I have a loathing for cliché that protects against tropes, advice from others, and standard approaches that protects me from the "easy route" trap. If there's a way to avoid or twist the blandishments of the usual approach, I'll find it and you'll never discern that the initial inspiration might have come from something beyond myself.
I don't know if that makes sense but it's a way of saying that I'm too bloody-minded to slavishly copy anything.

Me too. I take ideas both from real life and books or even TV shows that I watch. Although I have also come up with ideas that I thought were my own only to see that same thing used in fiction.

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