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Noticing Newbies: June 05, 2024 Issue [#12582]

 This week: Making It Happen
  Edited by: 🐦GeminiGem🌷
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1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
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About This Newsletter

Greetings! I am 🐦GeminiGem🌷 and I am a guest editor of the Noticing Newbies Newsletter. I would love to see you get involved with this vibrant community of writers, and I will give you tips to do this.

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Letter from the editor

Making It Happen
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As you poke around Writing.Com, you may have come to the conclusion that this is more than a place to store your writing. This is a community of writers.

Joining an established community can be intimidating. Hey, I'm an introvertus maximus, so I get it! (Yes, I made that term up.) The cool thing about WdC is that we are a blend of established members and newer members. The members who have been on here for a while like to see the new members who embrace the community and become an active and vital member and happily interact with them.

Why would you want to do that? The more involved you are in the site, the more you will find your writing is seen and reviewed. You may also find that you will have a more satisfying experience here.

How do you go about becoming an active member of the community? Ooooh, I am so glad you asked because I was already planning to tell you.

Log in as often as your life and schedule allow. Every day is ideal, but not everyone can do that. You will be rewarded for daily log ins by WdC, by the way. Seven consecutive daily log-ins will earn you a merit badge and a point toward community recognition.


Click on the newsfeed link on the left-hand side of your screen. Notice toward the top that it shows you are on your Personal Newsfeed. That is the default. It also gives you another choice: Show Community Newsfeed.

As a new member, you should definitely click on the community newsfeed. This version of newsfeed shows everything everybody posts. Your personal newsfeed is more limited. I'll cover more about it in a bit.

What you will want to do is interact with any posts on the community newsfeed that catch your interest. Leave a reaction, make a comment. You can also make your own posts. The site rewards you with a merit badge and community recognition with seven consecutive days of posting on newsfeed.

A quick observation about the above posts. I have seen some new members that eagerly make new posts, but don't interact with other people's posts. This is not going to get you introduced into the community and here's why. The people who show up on the default newsfeed, your personal newsfeed, are people you have put in your "favorites" (more about that in a moment). Since most members won't know you yet since you are new (and won't have you as one of their favorites), you won't show up on their personal (default) newsfeed. Unless they take the effort to go to the community newsfeed, they won't see your posts. Honestly, most established members probably don't go to the community newsfeed. *Sad*

Build up your favorites list. Here is my WdC handle: 🐦GeminiGem🌷 . See the little heart in my handle? If you click it once, I will be in your favorites list. Your favorites list is confidential and I will have no way of knowing I am on that list.

If you click the heart in my handle twice, you become my fan. I will be notified of this. Is it better to favorite or fan people? That is matter of opinion. I might recommend that you favorite people first. You can always fan them later if would like to. It is up to you, though, and what seems right for you.

Bottom line is that people in your favorites and that you have fanned will show up on your personal newsfeed. Keep working that community newsfeed, though, until you have a big favorites/fans list built up. I would even argue that you should always go the community newsfeed so that you can interact with members who are even newer than you are.

Editor's Picks

Here are some Newbies I Noticed!
animated eyes in glasses

As Messed Up as Me  (18+)
I remember the first time you let me hold your paw
#2321337 by Charles

 Loneliness or Alone  (E)
the transformative journey of self-discovery through solitude
#2321226 by Ayla

 The Environmental Escapade  (E)
Exploring the human impact on the environment
#2320730 by RabiaJ

 Echoes of the Lost Expedition  (E)
reggies find Finch's journal and met his friends to discover the secret of El Dorado
#2320727 by FlixTheLizzard

 Old Ways  (E)
Short description of a break up
#2320662 by Cr1tiKalZer0

 The Arcane Rebellion   (E)
Magic defied, Elara leads rebellion. Council's grip challenged. Betrayal, alliance,freedom
#2320470 by Hustler

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Looking for a writing contest or challenge?
Contest Clues  (E)
List of WdC Writing Contests, Challenges, Activities. Clues To What's Open, What's Closed!
#2221492 by 🐦GeminiGem🌷

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Ask & Answer

Some feedback from my last Noticing Newbies Newsletter "I See You

From Mary Ann MCPhedran
Hi and thank you for sharing with me. I love this community,and reach for my laptop as soon as waken. In the past I self published and since joining WDC. I have one published by author house. I have my book in the local library with author house. 'When The Dawn Breaks.' I'm glad you pointed this information.I didn't know about.

From tracker
Thank you for your April 9th issue. You have touched on super valuable information. I click on Read a Newbie in the Community tab on the left. The one I just started yesterday 4/8. He has 3 poems posted and all 3 have already been reviewed. I posted a welcome in the notebook. I recommend the Community tab on the left, then click on Read A Newbie.

I asked: What tips do you have for getting noticed on Writing.Com? Here are some answers.

From Amethyst Angel🌸📝🪽
I like getting involved in the Newsfeed... There's always something to comment on, and people appreciate the interaction and remember you. And there are plenty of forums to chat on. and the Question of the Day is a good place to meet other active members.

1. Give reviews.
2. Enter contests.
Above all, be true to yourself.

From oldgreywolf scribbles
Be yourself.

From TheBusmanPoet
Enjoy and be yourself.

From Dave
1. Review.
2. Enter contests.
3. Join a group(s)
4. Use the Newsfeed for promotion.

From The Puppet Master
Get involved in contests and activities. Send reviews and review requests. Use the newsfeed

From Lornda
The best way to get noticed is to review others. You learn so much about your own writing that way. *Wink* You'll also receive a return review on your work!
Editor's note: You may receive a return review on your work. This isn't guaranteed, but many members will do this.

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