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Romance/Love: July 09, 2014 Issue [#6419]

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 This week: "How Did You Meet?"
  Edited by: Crys-not really here
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About This Newsletter

Hello! My name is Crys-not really here . Welcome to my monthly Romance/Love Newsletter. Don't forget, you can always send me feedback, questions, and submit items to be featured, by filling out the form at the bottom of the newsletter.

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Letter from the editor

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"How Did You Meet?"

Romantic couples these days meet anywhere and everywhere. The old way used to be "pick up a guy/girl" at the bar. I guess to an extent that's still true, but I've never been into the bar scene. These days, it's just as likely to meet "the one" online. There are countless stories of couples who met here at Writing.com who are still happily together, or married, years later.

It's no surprise to me that there is an abundance of stories online about "online love." Some of them may be true stories, but some of them are pure fiction. I personally often find the "fiction" ones too formulaic or stereotypical for my taste. I mean, sometimes people meet in chat rooms, have long distance relationships via email and phone before finally meeting each other a year later and finding each other completely irresistible . . . and sometimes they just don't. Sometimes, they never meet and drift apart. Maybe one of them turns out not to be exactly who he says he is. (Happens all the time on the internet. Ever see one of those talk shows where a woman is conned out of money by a man overseas who professes his love for her?) Or maybe the long distance relationship doesn't work because neither person is willing to relocate. Or, perhaps, they both decide to keep the relationship strictly online. There are an infinite number of possibilities when writing fiction.

Ever heard of "speed dating"? It's become a popular dating technique in recent years. One group sits at tables while the other rotates around them, making small talk for a minute or two until a bell rings. Although I've never heard of any long term relationships coming out of speed dating, I'd be interested in reading a story where it actually worked.

Another common way to meet "the one" is through work, school, or mutual interests. For example, my boyfriend and I met when we were members of the same AmeriCorps program. We both worked with teens at the time, and I was pursuing my teaching certification. I often hear people say they have a hard time meeting interesting people to date. In my opinion, sometimes that's because they're relying on techniques like searching bars or dating websites instead of getting out and meeting people with similar interests. For example, if you like to write, get to know people in your writer's group. If you take a class, talk to that cute guy sitting in the back who seems kind of shy like you. (Now that I think of it, I don't think I've ever read a story where a couple bonded over their mutual love of taxidermy at the local natural history museum. Hmmm.}

The next time you write romance in your story, think about the question, "How did they meet?" That could be a pretty interesting story in itself! At the very least, it could add an interesting layer to their backstory. For example, maybe they met at the local amusement park, and every time the female main character drives past on her way to work, she reminisces about that day. Maybe that couple who met at the museum now run a taxidermy museum in their home. *Laugh* The more you know your characters and their backstory, the more realistic your story is going to be for your readers to read.

Editor's Picks

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by A Guest Visitor

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by A Guest Visitor

The Sardonyx Ring  [18+]
A modern fairy tale.
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The Vanquishing  [18+]
A broken ankle, broken air conditioner, and broken heart...
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roses are dead  [E]
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by wewa

Summer Solstice  [E]
Until winter, the days become short. Yet, as he stares into my starstruck eyes...
by Jessica

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by A Guest Visitor

The Cruise  [E]
Two strangers meet on a cruise from different countries
by Quick-Quill

 Invalid Item  []

by A Guest Visitor

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