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 This week: Performing on Command
  Edited by: Elle - on hiatus
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About This Newsletter

How many times have you thought up the perfect witty retort... far too late to actually use it? We are all capable of being witty, smart, or funny, but very few of us can deliver it on demand.

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Letter from the editor

I have seen a number of blogging prompts recently that say such things as 'Tell us a funny story about...' or 'In a humorous way, tell us...' Without fail, the bloggers grind to a halt. Many of the bloggers are humorous writers on an everyday basis, but when commanded to perform, they can't.

Whether it's the pressure of the moment or some instinctive reaction to being commanded to be funny, we aren't the only ones who suffer from it. Most comedians will fail to come up with 'something funny' on the spot unless they have prepared something for just such a situation. Indeed, a comedian's responses to audience interjections and heckles usually shows their true wit. Many resort to insults and name-calling, but a few can truly banter with their audience and these are the ones I personally admire. If you've ever watched Jeff Dunham perform, you will probably know that he reacts very well to unforeseen circumstances. We saw him live and after stumbling over his lines, his own dummy gave him a hilarious dressing down on stage. It was brilliant. But most of us aren't like that. So what's the solution?

Ignore the pressure. If the prompt says to write a funny story about a children's birthday party, ignore the 'funny' part of the prompt and just write as you normally would. If the prompt says 'In a humorous way, tell us about a time you got in trouble at school', ignore the 'In a humorous way' part. Is it that simple? Yes, it probably is. As I said earlier, many bloggers are funny on a day-to-day basis, it is only when commanded to perform that they stumble. So ignore the command, ignore the pressure, and just blog what you feel. You'll be a happier blogger, and your readers are more likely to enjoy your posts.

Editor's Picks

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I found some interesting blogs for you to check out. Some are funny, some aren't. But humour is such a personal, objective thing that you should check them out and make up your own mind. *Smile*

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