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Fantasy: March 08, 2017 Issue [#8171]

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 This week: Science in Fantasy
  Edited by: ember_rain
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About This Newsletter

The first fantasy story I ever wrote was also the first story I ever wrote. It was about some kids that explored a cave only to find a hidden chamber with cave drawings that lead them to a different world. It wasn't all that original but, it was the first thing I ever did that someone praised instead of saying I hadn't applied myself. I was hooked. Today, I write about everything from ancient primordial spirits, to the Fae, to vampires and werewolves. Mine don't hate each other so much as that they have a lot in common.

My goal for this newsletter is to make you think. Help you get outside your box and do something new and original. After all, fantasy is everywhere. Virtual Reality is all about putting people both into their own fantasies but about creating worlds we can all spend time in to exercise our imaginations. One could even argue that there is no such thing as reality as that our impression of life is just our own fantasy.

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Letter from the editor

Do you believe Sci-fi should be its own genre or is it just a sub-genre of fantasy?

That was a question my husband and I discussed a couple of weeks ago. He believes that it stands on its own. I believe that not all Fantasy is Sci-fi but all Sci-fi is fantasy. He says I am wrong because Sci-fi takes its cues from science. Perhaps he is right. Fantasy, after all, takes many of its cues from history. But, what about Steampunk? It is both historical in nature while using scientific discoveries that led to the use of steam as energy. But, is it fantasy? Some might say yes, some no. It might be its own genre.

What is true, is regardless of whether we are looking at past scientific discoveries such as gunpowder or how to build a tall structure using wind energy, or industrial era discoveries, or modern outer space discoveries science can lead us where we wish to go. No one knows for sure what the surface of other planets in other solar systems look like but we can fantasize about it and imagine. This opens the door to fantasy stories of a sci-fi nature because you must make up much of what you think you might find there.

Let me encourage all of you to get well acquainted with the science of the time frame you are writing about and use it to help enhance your stories. Steampunk writers are way ahead of those of us still writing about catapults like it's a new craze. But not nearly as far ahead as writers of future possibilities. Because the more we know...

Editor's Picks

Prydwyn's Dinner  (E)
An early scene from a bit of fiction I'm dabbling with.
#2087116 by Fhionnuisce

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2114000 by Not Available.

Lesson 7: STV: Sky Gaia  (13+)
Life on Federation Starship Voyager after a transporter accident.
#2114205 by Cheri Annemos

No Net  (E)
280 words - Flash Fiction - Fantasy
#2114154 by Hitchhiker

The Guardians  (13+)
Their duty is the guard the gateway. Or is it?
#2091842 by Kittiara

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Ask & Answer

So which do you think Sci-fi is? Is it a sub-genre or a stand alone one?
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