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 This week: Making the Time to Write
  Edited by: Kittiara
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It's not always easy to find the time to write. Sometimes we have to make it, instead...

This week's Action/Adventure Newsletter is all about why it's important to keep on writing.


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How are your plans for the year going so far? Have the last few weeks been filled with action, or are you taking it slow? Maybe you’re like me, and stuff keeps getting in the way of what you want to do. Frustrating when that happens, isn’t it?

I have not managed to do much at all in the way of writing. Yes, I have written an essay for university, but I kind of had to. I’ve blogged a little, but not as much as I’ve wanted to. I’ve written one story... and that’s it for my creative writing. Not a single poem. No articles. Definitely not what I’d hoped for.

Some writers are very organised. They set aside time for their writing every single day, or a couple of times a week, or whatever suits them best. I’m not organised at all. Writing tends to happen when it happens, even if I’ve wanted to write for a certain contest or prompt. When life gets busy, I struggle to come up with a piece of at least a reasonable quality. And if I know I can’t produce anything that’s at least reasonable enough to turn into anything remotely good at a later date, I can’t bring myself to go for it.

It’s not like I tend to spend a whole lot of time on my writing. On a good day, I can write a poem within 15 – 30 minutes. A short story might take me a couple of hours. I like it that once an idea grabs hold of me, and I put the first words down on the page, it tends to flow. Sometimes I’ll glance guiltily in the direction of those who create story outlines and have character notes. Mine just tend to happen. Hey, whatever works though, right?

Sometimes, however, it’s good to make time for our writing. It’s all too easy for time to rush by, and those contests we wanted to enter close the round we’d wanted to write for. Ideas we had fade away. We’re running here, there and everywhere, always thinking we might get around to it tomorrow, or the next day, or definitely next week...

I don’t know about you, but I feel better in myself once I’ve written something. Especially when I know that what I’ve produced is pretty good. During the process of writing, my mind’s on that rather than what’s worrying me. Or what’s worrying me pours into my writing and brings some relief. Then, there’s the sense of accomplishment at having written a piece. My portfolio is enhanced by this latest addition. Writing is something in my life that’s a positive, which makes it worth cherishing.

Anything that’s worth cherishing is worth making time for. I know that’s not as easy as it sounds. Even if it’s but an hour a week, though, that’s an hour a week being creative, an hour a week you’re tapping into something that’s a part of you. If it wasn’t a part of you, you’d be unlikely to be a member of a writing website. You’d be unlikely to be reading this newsletter.

I know that there are people who argue about who can call themselves a writer. Some set very high standards, like being a bestselling novelist. I’m pretty simple when it comes to this – if you write items, whether they be stories, poems, novels, articles, and so on, you’re a writer. There’s that certain something inside of you that drives you to write. And that means that if you can’t sit down to write, even once in a while, the writer in you will feel unfulfilled.

Be kind to yourself, then. Write something the first opportunity you get. I know that I’ll be doing the same.

Good luck!


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 Thunder, Thunder in the Hills  (E)
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#2130628 by StephB Happy 2019

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Never come between a Bajan sailor and his rum. 1st Place Around The World, Quill nominee.
#2128059 by Azrael Tseng

The Bovine Legend of Finnegan  (E)
How a Bull Helped Save a Country
#2110543 by ♥HOOves♥

Battle Royale  (13+)
Celtic lore says King Oak and King Holly battle every solstice...
#2143762 by Genipher-gone fishing!

The Presidential Press Briefing  (18+)
Chris Burke attends his first presidential press briefing.
#2121298 by Robert Edward Baker

A cowboy takes revenge in this Story Poem. 2017 Action Adventure Quill Winner
#2113570 by Monty

 The Leprechaun who was not an elf  (E)
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 Slayer of Darkness  (18+)
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#2137485 by Jack Tyler

I Dream Of Tomorrow  (13+)
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#2122962 by John Yossarian

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Chapter One: Encounter on a country road.
#2144500 by Satuawany

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