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Noticing Newbies: November 28, 2018 Issue [#9249]

 This week: Maximizing Your Visibility
  Edited by: Warped Sanity
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

“We must give more in order to get more. It is the generous giving of ourselves that produces the generous harvest.” ―Orison Swett Marden

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Letter from the editor

Unless you have joined for the singular purpose of reading, most likely, you joined in hopes of getting feedback on your writing. Although, simply posting your writing does not guarantee you'll get feedback. There are thousands of writers on this site and those who are more active on the site tend to get noticed more. The reason being, their username pops up in various places on the site, which encourages more people to view their profile.

Just posting our writing, then checking in to see if we get readers or responses, is not going to get your writing maximum attention. Similar to most aspects of life, in order to receive, we must put forth an effort. I've highlighted a handful of ways to put forth that effort, but as you learn your way around the site, you'll find there are a plethora of avenues to utilize.

Utilizing the Newsfeed
Posting in your personal notebook is a way of getting noticed by those scrolling the newsfeed. You can simply post an item you would like feedback on, or call attention to yourself by sharing something witty or comical. Yet, this does not guarantee a large audience will see your post. Not everyone scrolls the public newsfeed. There are many who only scroll under the personal newsfeed settings, which would mean they only see feeds from those they have fanned or favorited. So, if you want your username to be noticed more, hence encouraging more people to view your profile, actually responding to other people's newsfeed posts increases the odds. Plus, you just might make some new friends.

Personally, when someone reviews me, I will at least browse the reviewer's profile. Often times, I will return a review. From my personal experience, this is the case for a lot of people on the site. This does not mean that it is always the case. Not everyone returns reviews, nor are they obligated to. Still, the more you review, the more your own writing is likely to get noticed.

Participating in Member Created Contests
I'm always excited to see a new face entering one of the contests I run. Usually, when I am impressed with what they submit, I am intrigued to know what other great writing they have for me to read. Plus, when I enter a contest, I typically read my competitors. This is also the case for many of the other members on this site.

Joining Groups
Joining member created groups is a wonderful way to meet others with mutual interests. Whatever your preferred genre to write in is, there is likely a group that fits your interests. Often times, these groups offer member-only activities, which will help you hone in on your skills. In addition, within this new circle of friends, you can offer a review trade with a fellow member.

Usually, the main page for a group will offer directions for joining. Some will require you to e-mail the owner of the group. Others will require you to fill out a survey. If they do not respond immediately, be patient. They will get to you when time permits. This is a site full of fellow humans, most of which have a full life outside of the internet.

I have some groups highlighted in the Editor's Picks section of this Newsletter, but there are more available on the site. To search for groups, simply click on Browse by Type to the left of your screen. Then click on Groups.

I would recommend selecting the option to view items most recently updated first. The reason I suggest this is because there are inactive groups created by members who are no longer active on the site. For example, if the group was last edited in 2005, it is not likely the group is active and accepting members.

What would you add to this list?

Editor's Picks

Newbies + Poetry Group  (E)
Do you love writing, reading or reviewing poetry? A member less than a year? Come in!
#2122795 by Sally

Newbie Help And Support Group on hiatus  (E)
Group dedicated to helping newbies learn their way around WDC
#1767965 by Tiggy

Group ~ Reviewing with River  (13+)
List of members and activities
#2129068 by River

Sharing, caring, helping each other to get through the days. Writing, delighting many ways
#1817507 by dog pack:saving4 premium renew

Paranormal Romance Author's Guild  (13+)
A Home for All Paranormal Romance Authors - a 2016 Quill Award Winner
#2090415 by Jim Hall

The Dark Society  (13+)
A horror group that worships all things dark and sinister. Join at your own risk!
#1556647 by Jeff

Fantasy and Science Fiction Society  (E)
For Fantasy and Science Fiction authors. Open to all applications. come in and learn
#2014050 by David the Dark one!

The Poet's Place   (E)
Poets can discuss, review, request reviews, etc. of their unique form of writing.
#1937699 by Dave

Please check out these amazing stories and poems by some of our newest members!

 Her Perfect Day  (18+)
Yea, happens a lot.
#2175384 by Aeria

 It is only one night...  (13+)
Sandra is dared to camp out alone in the jungle for a night. What dangers await her?
#2175365 by Mashaaa

 Stealing From Trees  (E)
Poetry submitted (unsuccessfully!) for a competiiton last year.
#2175299 by Rhue

 Childhood Memories  (E)
A poem about the nostalgia of childhood memories in the UK
#2175567 by Morshdi1

 Mental Toughness.  (18+)
Mind over matter on the Sound of Music Bus Tour.
#2175292 by PeteT

A Woman   (E)
Simple but true
#2175076 by Kimala

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2174320 by Not Available.

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