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 This week: Birth
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This week's Action / Adventure Editor

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Letter from the editor


"I was born at night, but it wasn't last night." ~T.Boone Pickens

Instead of my usual New Year's resolution type newsletter, I thought I'd take up the topic of birth. We kill off our characters all the time! But rarely do we feature a birth in our stories. Somewhere in the great authoring ether, we're creating a future shortage of characters. Why not add an emergency birth in the back seat of a car? Or the excitement of a birth with little of the modern conveniences available to birthing nowadays.

I read romance novels before I sleep at night. I can't tell you how many epilogues of those novels end up with the happy couple having a baby. They go through all this trauma and drama, angst and anguish, resolve the conflict...and next thing you know a baby is born. Don't get me wrong, I know how THAT happens, but really...most of us know how to protect against pregnancy. Don't we?

We're all going to make those resolutions soon, I know you will and I will too. But I'm suggesting you add a little side note when you review your expectations for the year. "More babies!" Or at least bring some new life to your stories and add a little something different with a birth or baby in your arsenal of characters.

We'll all be ever so grateful when we need an angst-filled preteen for another story a few years from now. *Wink*

Wishing you all a bright holiday season and an inspired and enriched New Year. Write on!

This month's question: What do you want to write in 2019?
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Editor's Picks

The Baby  (18+)
An unexpected delivery on a cool spring morning.
#2001470 by Osirantinous

Excerpt: The shriek from the front of the house almost caused a toothbrush stabbing. I gagged a second, caught between a yelp of pain and swallowing the mouthful of froth. I recovered in time to hear my name delivered in the next panicked shriek. Ah, I was on spider duty again.

Polaroid of the Past  (ASR)
Cramp Co-Winner: While babysitting, Barbara makes an unsettling discovery
#2083228 by Than Pence

Excerpt: They were in the Polaroid, wispy and big-haired, red-eyed and holding a baby. It was a moment before she realized that they were each holding a baby. Two infants in their arms, looking up at someone taking a picture with a crummy Polaroid. The room around them was too dark to make anything out, except maybe a Christmas tree just behind Mrs. Stinson. Maybe.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2149773 by Not Available.

Excerpt: Over the lip of the drop, there was no sound. All was quiet. He stood among the burnt hutments, some dead bodies lay about and among them; a little child was sitting beside a woman stretched out on the blood-spattered dust and trampled sage-bushes.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2152081 by Not Available.

Excerpt: Suddenly, a woman walked in. She was like Mama, except her pull-things hanging from her head was a different color. More of a sand, rather than a carrot food. I actually prefer to eat sand rather than carrot food, so I wanted her from the moment I saw her. Then she walked up to me.

"You must follow me, now," the woman said.

Friday's Child  (13+)
Could the cobra strike? A story from the rice paddies...
#458595 by Joy

Excerpt: As she scurried among the eels, toads, and tall lotus flowers, Peov beamed dreamily. Yes, her baby would arise tall and beautiful like the lotus one day. He would not be a killer, a burglar, or a violator of men, but he would grow up erect with advanced virtues, serene as the Buddha.

 Divine Heart (1)  (13+)
A warrior's quest to save a baby in the woods from a coven.
#1959199 by Starmic Suebear

Excerpt: The Poxtown Tavern was busy, as it always was that day of the week, and so a large crowd gathered to watch the duel in front of it. Inside the circle formed by the crowd, but away from the duelists, a beautiful woman with long, dark brown hair stood. She wore a silk white dress, and large ruby earrings, rings of sapphire and diamond, a necklace with solid emerald sequences, and a silver and gold bracelet which looped along her wrist two times, then swooped in the direction of her elbow, terminating in a blunted blade on her forearm. She was the Duchess of Fade, which was located in the neighbouring kingdom of Omnetsy. She gazed with her blue eyes on the two rivals for her. She was comfortable and evidently ready for some entertainment.

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#2124866 by Not Available.

Excerpt: The only way to save my sister’s life was to have another baby. Armed with ovulation kits and timing abstinence to build up Dad’s sperm count, I was conceived two months later. Time was of the essence as she was getting sicker each day. The obstetricians and oncologists decided to deliver me as soon as I was viable. I just had to be born alive to harvest my bone marrow and then I could die from complications associated with early delivery. My mother was scheduled to have a C-section at 28 weeks. Normal pregnancies are around 40 weeks.

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Ask & Answer

This month's question: What do you want to write in 2019?
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Last month's question: If you're an author of controversial topics, are you offended by hypersensitive reviews?
How do you respond to the reviewer?

BIG BAD WOLF 34 on June 3 responded: Given the stuff I write about, I'm surprised I don't get more reviews where the reviewer overreacted. But, I did have a guy who only thought that dragon stories went a certain way, and he was negative about any story that went other than his way - funny, he hasn't been on the site in a few years and I'm now a Yellow. Then, there was this guy that complained that my stories were not about the search term in question "vore", when in fact they were, and he tried to tell everyone that in the reviews, giving me a few 1 star ratings as well, annoying, but I had the reviews "deleted" or whatever it is that removes the reviews from viewing, and blocked/ignored the guy for a year, and mentioned in the newsfeed that I'd gotten a few unfair reviews on a few items, which were promptly reviewed a few times each, thus bumping up the average a bit, or at least got a much fairer review by others.

I don't mind a low rating, if there's a good reason, like a lot of mistakes, but I actually addressed this sort of situation in an item of mine. "Reviewing Items You Don't Like

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