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Mystery: January 30, 2019 Issue [#9362]

 This week: Greetings and Salutations!
  Edited by: Sara‚ô•Jean
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Table of Contents

1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
6. Ask & Answer
7. Removal instructions

About This Newsletter

I need to make a new signature for the Mystery newsletter! I have one for the Noticing Newbies one, and for guest appearances, but I don't have one for this yet. Give me time! I'll get one done.


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Letter from the editor

Greetings and Salutations!

This is my first Mystery Newsletter as a regular mystery newsletter editor, so here's a little introduction.

I have been a member of Writing.Com since 2004, and have been a moderator since 2010.

I took on newsletter editing nearly immediately after becoming a moderator, becoming a guest editor often for several newsletters, including Spiritual, Comedy, Mystery, Action/Adventure, Horror/Scary, and Fantasy.

The first newsletter I became a full time editor for was Noticing Newbies in June of 2011. I am still a full time editor for Noticing Newbies to this day, and greatly enjoy sharing whatever I can with them each month!

In June of 2012, I took on becoming a full time editor for Action/Adventure. I maintained that position until February of 2015 when I stepped away because life got busy and I needed to focus on some other things, so I cut down to just one newsletter at the time.

Today marks the time when I take on a second full time editor position again, and I am very excited to get the opportunity to share with you all every month.

Here's what I'm going to need from you all:

*Bullet* Don't be afraid to give me feedback!

I love to hear from my readers, so let me know how I'm doing. If I'm doing something right, please tell me so I can keep doing that something right. If there's something you would rather I don't do, let me know that, too. If there's something you'd like to see that I'm not doing, please, let me know. I write these newsletters for you, so I want to be sure that they are going to be beneficial for you each and every month.

*Bullet* Keep writing new mystery items!

In order to feature new stories, new stories need to be written. Make sure you keep writing, so I, and the other newsletter editors, can keep featuring. And don't forget to submit it to us, if you want us to highlight your item in our newsletters.

*Bullet* Answer my newsletter questions!

Every newsletter, I leave a question for my readers to answer. Be sure to participate and leave me an answer, and I'll be sure to feature your answer in my next newsletter. (And yes, I really will!) Take a look down in the "Ask & Answer" Section to find it.

I'm excited to have joined you, and here's to many years of fun!

Editor's Picks

Take a look at these mystery items and see if you have the time to leave them a little feedback. All of these are items without ratings or reviews yet. (And some of them were written quite some time ago!) See if we can't give these users some encouragement to keep writing on.

 A Wilting Umbrella  (E)
The violent guests at Mossman's estate incur an authoritative method-He summons Sean.
#995435 by phraseharpoon

 Invalid Item 
This item number is not valid.
#932805 by Not Available.

 The Adventures of Dr. Fleaglebeak  (ASR)
This is the beginnigs of a story that keeps rolling around in my head!
#665034 by Mad Kitty

 Junior Detective Squad  (13+)
Junior detective squad solves a kidnapping case.
#1224437 by giraffe

 The White Hat  (13+)
A chef solves a mystery case in Los Angeles.
#1248024 by legiontory

 Crossroads: Phantom of Verdanase  (13+)
Do you believe in dreams? How can you separate imagination from truth?
#1068466 by aoi_sakura

 Mirror  (E)
A house with a secret. The mirror isn't reflecting what it should be, can Celest get free?
#1343825 by LittleMissMalfoy

 Raven  (E)
Short short story about a tired librarian and an odd customer
#1226287 by Wyvonna

Submit an item for consideration in this newsletter!

Word from Writing.Com

Have an opinion on what you've read here today? Then send the Editor feedback! Find an item that you think would be perfect for showcasing here? Submit it for consideration in the newsletter!

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Ask & Answer

I was a guest editor in November, and wrote "Mystery Newsletter (November 28, 2018). There, the question was How do you make sure all of your loose ends are tied up?

Here are some of the responses I received:

dragonwoman said, "Get someone else to read it. They usually pounce on (kindly and nicely I always hope) any discrepancies or loose ends."

I think this is great advise! Finding a friend to help you tie up all of those loose ends is a great way to handle the situation. ~S*Heart*J

Espinado said, "I always feel that all the clues to solve the mystery should be available to the reader as the story progresses. To me, it is really annoying for the detective to pull some specialized piece of knowledge out, that only she could know, to solve the mystery. There definitely shouldn't be a last chapter character introduction that happens to be the killer. As a writer, you need your reader to trust you to describe the world correctly; to progress the story in a way that makes sense. If you lose that trust they won't read your next story.

Anyway, practice, practice, practice. Find someone that will look critically at your work; someone that is a stickler for details. Be one yourself, could Mrs. Hathaway, with arthritis in both hands, have dragged her husband, the ex-heavyweight boxer, out to the backyard and buried him? That is really unlikely.

Good luck and keep writing.

That has always bothered me, too. When they pull something out of nowhere that we had no way of knowing, so it was an impossible mystery for us to solve, it makes me wonder why in the world the story was presented to us at all. ~ S*Heart*J

This month's newsletter question: What is your favorite aspect of the Mystery Newsletter, so I can make sure to incorporate it?

*Bullet* *Bullet* *Bullet* Don't Be Shy! Write Into This Newsletter! *Bullet* *Bullet* *Bullet*

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