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Contests & Activities: February 06, 2019 Issue [#9370]

 This week: Fundraising Success
  Edited by: warpedsanity
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Table of Contents

1. About this Newsletter
2. A Word from our Sponsor
3. Letter from the Editor
4. Editor's Picks
5. A Word from Writing.Com
6. Ask & Answer
7. Removal instructions

About This Newsletter

Sometimes we need help with funds to run our groups, contests, or to help maintain our membership. One way of collecting these funds is through creating a fundraising activity. This newsletter addresses some ways of making those activities a success.

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Letter from the editor

Whether you are in need of funds for a contest or group you are running, or your membership, there are a variety of fun ways you can earn those funds. Many members will create auctions and/or raffles, while others create interactive games, where members purchase items in order to play. No matter what method you choose, there are ways you can attract more people to your activity.

Choose a Theme
Make your fundraising activity fun by making it themed. For example, we have a member who creates a carnival-themed raffle, where you have an option to buy rides and yummy carnival treats.

A Good Title
Just like any story or poem you write, the title should grab the members attention, but match the theme of the fundraising activity. Rather than giving your activity a generic name, like My Raffle, give it a catchy name.

Make it Interactive
Some of the most entertaining fundraisers I've seen have encouraged members to interact with each other, whether as part of a competitive game or through encouraging members to be active participants in some other way.

Raise Funds for Another Group
Besides just your own group or contest, raise a percentage of the funds for another group that many are active in. This not only helps to support your fellow members, but it also might attract more to your activity. Another idea I've seen in raffles is members allowing the winner to choose which group a percentage of the funds will go to.

Notify the Giftee
Life happens and sometimes we get behind. Most understand this. Although if you are running a fundraiser where you offer the purchase of review packages, ribbons, or badges, at least send a Cnote to the recipient letting them know what they will eventually be getting, especially if it has been gifted anonymously. Often times these are purchased by a secret pal, who has opted to gift someone for only a month. If the gifted isn't notified, then they are likely to think they are being ignored by their secret pal. If you send a c-note notifying them of their gift, then at least if it is gifted after the month is over, they know it is because you are behind and that they were not ignored.

If you are prompt in sending the gift, then forward the email notification of the gift to the gifter, so that they know it is sent. If it is a raffle ticket bought, the easiest way to notify both parties is to make a post in your forum notifying the giftee that they have received raffle tickets from a secret pal.

Most members remember their experiences with a fundraiser. If they know that their giftee was never notified, it is likely when you run the fundraiser again, they will not participate.

Not everyone has an interest in the same type of packages or has the same amount of spendable gift points. Some people are more attracted to review packages, while others have more interest in those shiny ribbons and badges. Also, offering some lower priced items and smaller packages for those who have fewer funds will encourage more to participate. I've even seen members offer a discount to new members.

What are some of your favorite fundraisers on WdC? What quality does it have that makes it successful? What advice would you add to this list?

Editor's Picks

Mad Hatter's Tea Party  (E)
March Madness at the Mad Hatter's Tea Party Raffle & Auction Extravaganza.
#2074069 by ChocoHuf-flepuff

Cupid's Lucky Arrows  (13+)
Role Playing Raffle - Supports 2 Groups - 1 in 14 Wins 5K!
#1971188 by Hannah ♫♥♫

SuperPower Gift Shop  (E)
Buy a gift for someone special, yourself, or purchase an exclusive Power Group Merit Badge
#2063661 by Lornda

Rach's Chocolate Emporium   (13+)
A place to purchase reviews, merit badges, and awardicons. We also sell yummy chocolate.
#2155763 by ChocoHuf-flepuff

Texas Tours & Raffle  (E)
CLOSED- Fundraiser for Writing.com Reading Challenge
#2180299 by 🔥 Krista 🔥

The 30DBC Mega-Raffle Extravaganza!  (E)
A weekly raffle every weekend in February to benefit the 30-Day Bloggers Group.
#2073770 by Fivesixer

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