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Romance/Love: May 01, 2019 Issue [#9511]

 This week: Personality Reflection
  Edited by: Samberine Everose
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2. A Word from our Sponsor
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About This Newsletter

Hello everyone, I’m Samberine Everose and I'm here your guest editor this week in the Romance/Love Topic of the WDC Newsletter, and just like I've always been saying, I will not be tired in expressing my thankfulness to all the beautiful people here in this wonderful community of writers for not only helping us to improve our writings but giving us also encouragement and inspiration every day. *Smile*

In real life, a good romance that has a happy ending is sometimes based on the personality of the two main persons involved. But how about in writing romance story, have we consider also following the personality and feelings of our characters?

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Letter from the editor

Personality reflection within the characters

One of the main keys that drive the readers to be hooked to a romance story is the spark that they will see and feel within the character of the story, which is true because, without a concrete foundation of each character especially in choosing their unique personality, the story will be useless and boring and the characters will never be closed to the reader's heart.

There are different techniques to consider to sharpen and develop the characters of a romance story.
One to be sharpened is through the Personality of the Character. Choosing the right personality can be easy, but choosing it with the purpose of creating it to be in the reality is hard and it needs a mind meticulous dissecting.

For example two main characters in a romance story who has a personality of highheaded,in reality they will not be compatible, same as to be in two persons who have a personality that are idealistic I'm sure their story will be boring, but in our fiction writing, we can make and create a possibility to have them a happy ending, it just easy for the author, but to our reader we just only creating a real fiction to them, making the story to be blocked in its reality.

Here are some ways to sharpen the Personality of your characters that will link to be like in the reality.

1. Personality reflecting the names of famous characters. - This is the easiest way in choosing a personality of the character in a Romance Story through reflecting the personality through names of famous characters, like for instance David a famous character in the Bible which possesses qualities to be responsible, leader, brave and soft-hearted or kind- a psalmist. So when the said character's name is introduced to the reader, the reader will get a good impression instantly because the name David is a famous character that already possesses those good qualities. So David needs a girl/lady who have a submissive personality not a "bossy" because I'm sure in reality they will never be compatible.

2. Personality reflecting the zodiac sign or each one's birth month.
So can Virgo and Pieces can be comfortable to each other? find each one's personality through the Sodiac sign.

3. Personality reflecting our real-life loved ones.
Right, personality can be reflected through the image of your father, your mother, your boyfriend, or any of your loved ones. Why not create a romance story with your crush. I just remember a short story that I wrote when I was in my teeny years, I used the personality of my crush there as the main character and of course, the personality of the female is me. *Laugh* Some famous author used this kind of strategy too, like our national hero here in the Philippines- Dr. Jose Rizal, his characters in his book Noli me tangere and El filibusteris mo reflects most of his real loved ones and those people he hates.

4. Personality that are invented.
You can invent the personality of your character in your romance story, but be sure, their personalities can be distinguished from other personality. The personality of this kind are mostly those muses that every author have, and this will make unique on them because every author has its own unique taste.
example of this is Harry Potter, superheroes like Superman, and others.

So which one are you often use in Personality Reflection of your characters in the romance story, or maybe you have a strategy that you are using, why not write a comment in our email box below and share it here. *Heart*

Samberine Sig.
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Ask & Answer

Feedback from our readers I love Comments

From "Spiritual Newsletter (February 27, 2019)

Great Newsletter, I love reading what you write.


There is no other book written or printed in the history of man that has outlasted and changed more people's lives than the Bible. No other book is alive so each time you read it, even if it's a familiar passage, you receive a different message. No other Book inspired by God has been held in the arms of the sick and been healed or comforted. Its words and stories can fuel a library of romance, love won and lost, war, strategy, judgement and forgiveness. Lost for a plot? read the Bible, there are many hopping around there.

~Write 2 Publish 2020

Thank you for sharing your story. It was very moving.


Wonderful newsletter some really awesome pieces for the Heart 💓 Throb contest. May they all be blessed. Thank you for adding "The Lighthouse Poetry Contest" to your newsletter ♥️ I appreciate it very much.

~ LegendaryMasK❤

Thank you, Samberine for your lovely words about God and the Bible. Like you, I read the Bible daily but there are many sections I don't understand. My husband and I are now reading Daniel and it is so very interesting about what it was like back then and also prophecy. God is always with us and loves and that is such a wonderful feeling.

Again, many thanks for writing this!


I enjoy this Newsletter. Thank you for the encouraging words.


Thank you all for reading.

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Until next time.

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