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Drama: June 12, 2019 Issue [#9592]

 This week: People Watching
  Edited by: Kate ~ Retooling
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About This Newsletter

The ode lives upon the ideal,
the epic upon the grandiose,
the drama upon the real.

- Victor Hugo

         Welcome to this week'd edition of the WDC Drama Newsletter ~ I'm honored to be your guest host.

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Letter from the editor


         'Write what you know." We've all heard it. But what if we take it one step farther, and write what we perceive and imagine. Now, I'm not thinking straight fantasy or sci-fi, but what we perceive and embellish; find drama in the mundane.

         You may think your life is unexciting, or the guy walking down the street, mattering into his cell or stumbling over the curb while texting is not the stuff of a story. What of your own commute to a day job, the grocery, are you buying peanut butter to serve one allergic to it? Are you hacking into your boss's computer to plunder the Cayman Island account, to use it for leverage in your own (your character's) nefarious purpose?

         So how do you write using your own experiences or what you see or hear in daily life? Think about your story, the sights, sounds, smells you encounter along your daily journey, and the different ways you could make it more real, more vivid.

         *Burstg*If you're writing a horror, remember a time you were scared. What frightened you? How did you feel? What did you see, taste, smell? What was your reaction = that, I think, creates the drama. How you (your character) react to an apparently ordinary occurrence.

         *Burstb*If you're writing a thriller (drama to the max), imagine the shirtless guy jogging, no longer able to run, out of steam, as his pursuers draw nearer. How will he react if they reach him? What keeps him running, fear, hubris, love of another? What kicks in the adrenaline, how does it feel? Expressing possibilities in words and actions creates drama from what might have just been a guy who's into a unique health regimen, or perhaps his wife locked him out after a verbal battle royale. You see, drama abounds behind the veil of the ordinary, past what we perceive on the surface.

         By using what we see people doing, engaging in ordinary daily activities; seeing past the obvious; we can weave dramatic stories and verse of possibilities in our world or otherworlds. You know the phrase, poetic license; how about dramatic license. *Wink* So open your eyes, ears, nose, memory and imagination, really see the guy texting as he walks in traffic, office workers lunching outdoors, really watch people (I'm not advocating stalking, however, just some fun people watching) and ~

Write On!
Kate ~ Retooling

Editor's Picks

Now, presenting the drama experienced or perceived in the ordinary by several members of our Community. And, while you're at it, share with them your perceptions with a comment or review of their stories and verse, then weave your own dramatic tale in verse or prose

 People Moving Sideways  (E)
A weird poem about seeing people in different ways and how impacts my writings.
#1906929 by Keaton Foster: Know My Hell!

The Offer  (13+)
Simple subtraction at its finest.
#1906200 by Happyfingers

 Estranged  (E)
Standing back and watching people can be surprising.
#2142977 by Myles Abroad

 Box of Souls  (E)
Immortals...cross paths...
#1905236 by Hyperiongate

Dimitriou   (13+)
New York confidence trickster’s reversal of fortune
#2189902 by Sumojo

 Playing guitar on the bench  (E)
Live on the street
#2189761 by TATSUYAKEMI

 Late in the Subway  (E)
George travels late at night in the subway...
#2188198 by Rosko Tzolov

The Party Guy  (18+)
Short story about a college student on campus @ Winter Break (2854 words)
#2178129 by everyjones

Daily Flash Fiction Challenge  (13+)
Enter your story of 300 words or less.
#896794 by Arakun the Twisted Raccoon

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Ask & Answer

         Thank you for exploring the dramatic possibilities we as writers can perceive beyond the surface of experience and observation.

         Until we next meet, may your eyes see beyond the mundane and come to 'know' the vitality, the drama, that may be or become. Have fun people watching ~ be honest, we all do it *Wink*

Write On
Kate ~ Retooling
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