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Action/Adventure: July 10, 2019 Issue [#9642]

 This week: Bow and Arrow
  Edited by: Octobersun
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About This Newsletter

Hello writers and readers of Action Adventure. I am Octobersun and I will be your guest editor for today's newsletter.

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Letter from the editor

Bow and Arrow

In our modern world, many action adventure heroes use guns or rifles as their weapon of choice. But the moment our Action Adventure takes us back in history, mixes with fantasy, or just wants to be different than your run of the mill shoot them up story, there is a strong possibility that you will meet someone - or many people - with bow and arrow.

A little history on bows and arrows. The earliest finds of bow and arrow go back 64,000 years in Africa. When humans migrated out of Africa, they took their bows and arrows with them, thus leading to a wide-spread use of bow and arrows across all continents - except Australia. Australia does everything different. Spiders that eat possums. Birds that can kill you by headbutting you ... but those nefarious Australian things will be for another day. Let's get back to bow and arrows. Those used all over in Africa, Europe, Asia, and America.

Modern readers, who are used to the power of guns, may not think that bow and arrows are that fearsome. Tell that to the many people Atilla the Hun conquered all across Asia and Europe because of his and his rider's superior command over bow and arrows. I think his success speaks to the power an army wielding bow and arrow has over those that don't have long range weapons against them.

When you want to include bow and arrow into your stories, you don't have to bog yourself down with too much research. There are a few words that you should know though as they are unusual, but tied to the use of bow and arrow.

When you have a bunch of arrows, you're going to keep them in your quiver.

When you put an arrow on the bow and you connect the back of the arrow to the string, that's called nocking an arrow. The verb is nock. This is unusual as most people want to write it "knock" because it's pronounced the same way. Both those are two different words with two different meanings.

You can also notch an arrow.

When you let that arrow finally fly, you will loose the arrow.

Editor's Picks

 Xen's Chosen  (18+)
An orphan boy is the cornerstone in an ancient conflict between one man and the gods.
#2127728 by Elliot T. Funkhouser

Universe of Ealdo Book One The Entraccen  (18+)
Where is the Entraccen? Will Noiry find his way back home? What is Longstride planning?
#2192137 by Ryan Bohannon

Tales of Verbainia: Davi's Quest  (13+)
A young soldier, chosen for a dangerous mission, discovers nothing is as it seems.
#2160770 by Elle Cyre

 The Bow Hunter chapter 1  (XGC)
An elf returns home to find a rude awakening and meets someone new.
#2185468 by DuhhFactor

Between Two Worlds  (18+)
Tray, a half-breed Bounty Hunter, must choose between his people and the woman he loves
#2139596 by Kristina ~

The End  (18+)
As the world falls into chaos, Arrow has to decide whether or not to save his old friend.
#2153843 by Genipher-gone fishing!

 Needs Title  (18+)
A soldier of a banished race, and a mercenary. What could possibly go wrong?
#2086103 by Patch_The_Good_Luck

 Unbalanced  (ASR)
a haiku about an arrow
#1984127 by ren is an anxious geek

 A Misdirected Arrow?  (13+)
Brian's Coronation Era short story in Urth
#1127937 by bluehats#5

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Ask & Answer

I received the following replies to my last Action Adventure newsletter "Solitary Wanderer:

Editing is BLUE wrote: My husband refused to carry my back pack. Laptop and cords(for phones and etc), a few TO-GO necessities. Took everything out that didn't NEED to go and it still is heavy. Maybe that's why I'm having so much trouble with my arms.

I spent two hours in the gym every day before we went on our backpacking trip. It's hard work for sure.

Monty wrote: Your News Letter told us a story that was a good read and made a point.

Thank you for reading and the kind comment.
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