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Action/Adventure: November 27, 2019 Issue [#9859]

 This week: Opt Outside
  Edited by: Annette
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About This Newsletter

Action/Adventure readers and writers, I am Annette , and I will be your guest editor for this issue.

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Letter from the editor

Opt Outside

Can you be thankful and helpful at the same time?

Many people in the United States will celebrate Thanksgiving this Thursday.

Thanksgiving used to be a time to spend with family. The day after Thanksgiving had been known for many years as "Black Friday." It was rumored to be the day in the year when retailers started making a profit, writing in black letters in their ledgers.
A few years ago, the business term Black Friday mutated to BLACK FRIDAY. This monstrous event has a tendency to begin on the afternoon of Thanksgiving. It's a day that is designed to get people to buy as many things that they don't really need with money that they don't have.

Instead of getting roped into the frenzy, grab an empty bag and your family and friends and join a nature clean up. You're likely to find one in your area, or you simply start one yourself. There is never a better time to be helpful in your community and surrounding nature than on the day that we are giving thanks for the bounty of the harvest.

What does it have to do with writing?


Time spent outdoors, ideally with other people, will revive your spirits. The things you see and do on that day will inform your writing and make it rich and full of details. The conversations you may have or overhear can give you new ideas for your writing.

The only way you could turn the events playing out in shopping centers into writing would be by putting a humorous spin on them. That would be an option for you to not opt outside, at least not nature, and still get some writing ideas. In truth, you can probably get those impressions by watching the videos from years past of customer hordes storming into discount shops to score one of the three discounted TVs. Those videos surface every year and they are in equal parts disturbing, funny, and appalling.

Editor's Picks

Dreamy Beach Sonnet  (E)
Thoughts of beach strolls
#2085514 by Maryann

Beach Photoshoots  (E)
Sometimes something anxiety inducing can turn into something beautiful.
#2128258 by Grateful Jess

Hook, Line, And Sinker  (13+)
A college student is caught out in open water.
#883788 by W.D.Wilcox

One Day Last Weekend  (E)
This is the humorous tale of a teen's drive to the beach.
#956650 by Santa Shaara

Poltergeist Island  (E)
Marooned on an island, but not alone.
#1812798 by Teargen

Two Parachutists  (E)
On New York City they did fall.
#1955716 by Don Two

The Great (Almost) Get Away   (E)
What will they do next?
#2157740 by LegendaryMasK❤

The Cleaner  (13+)
12/19 SS News Feature/Co-Winner! You're a maid or cleaning person. By the way,you're male.
#1901728 by A*30s*Faith

Following  (13+)
Short story. Jim Private Detective cleans up.
#2182105 by Sumojo

Hinterlands  (E)
By chaos or design? I don't really mind...
#2205088 by J.J. Netzach

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Ask & Answer

Replies to my last action adventure newsletter "The Fight Scene

Monty wrote: You made some good points even for an old Poet.

Thank you for reading and commenting.

BIG BAD WOLF Is Merry! wrote: Fight scenes help if you've had personal experience.

Hopefully not too much.
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