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Noticing Newbies: January 08, 2020 Issue [#9951]

 This week: Change is Hard
  Edited by: Brooke-Thanks Anonymous! :)
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About This Newsletter

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Letter from the editor

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”
― Andy Warhol, The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

Change is hard. It's especially difficult for someone like me that thrives on routine and order. I can't stand it when things get out of order or seem out of sync. Some people thrive on chaos. Well, I assume those people are out there, you psychotic beasts. Just kidding. Anyway, change is inevitable, whether or not we like it. I want to dedicate my last newsletter to the benefits of change. Yes, it's true. After almost 10 years of 150+ of these, it's time for me to make a change as well.

*BoxCheckR* Most people are afraid of change because it forces them outside their comfort zone.but that upside of that is can result in personal growth. Change helps you grow and learn new things every time something changes.

*BoxCheckR* Change teaches you to be flexible. Try to think of change as something that gets you out of your rut. Getting stuck in a rut can contribute to depression and stress. Routines allow us to go through life without thinking too much. Change forces us to look at things with fresh sight.

*BoxCheckR* Change can challenge your values and beliefs and reveal your strengths. Change can remind us of how much we have and make us more thankful for things in our lives. Accomplishing a goal and making a change can and will make you grateful for your own strength.

*BoxCheckR* Change puts you in an open mindset, some call it a beginners mindset. When was the last time you did or saw something for the first time? This type of mindset can make you vulnerable and make you realize you don't know it all or have all the answers. This feeling or realization can be a little scary but there is an honest feeling of humility in realizing this.

*BoxCheckR* Changes trigger progress and offer opportunities: Sometimes we give up because we cannot accomplish a difficult task or make a huge and immediate change. This is where small changes can become extremely valuable. One shift at a time resulting in small changes will eventually lead you to that daunting larger one.

Change can be liberating. Embrace it and grow!

Write and Review on! ~ Brooke

Editor's Picks

 A Man-Made Monster  [13+]
They brought it upon themselves. Screams! 1/6/20.
by hullabaloo22


 Invisible Illness  [E]
Pre Concieved ideas
by Cym Wayne


 Grey Hair and Worn Out Bones  [13+]
I have dealt with premature greying and pain since I was a teen.
by Kelsie McQueen


 Expression  [E]
Brevity is the only thing left.
by Et Invisibilium


 The New Vicarage  [E]
A true ghost story, as it happened
by Voirrey


Mum was Cranky  [ASR]
Billy and Neville get up to mischief. Winner of Daily Flash Fiction Contest 01/04/2020.
by Greg M


 Fear  [E]
The feeling of fear when you are alone in darkness.
by Vjay


 The Harvest  [18+]
The arrest of a young man for his crime leads to an unusual incarceration.
by Ken Shel


An Uncomfortable Letter To Myself  [E]
Broken Scars and Missed Opportunities
by trisho


 Words do hurt  [E]
Think before you speak
by MissRena


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Ask & Answer

I received some wonderful feedback from my last newsletter [#9911] "Lifeless Verbs Kill Characters and I'm proud to share it with you.

From Lilli
Great tips for writers of all levels. Thank you, Brooke!

From K.HBey
These are some good advice on how to render a text without redundancies. Verbes like adverbs should be well chosen to express a certain meaning and at the same time the sentence should be fluent and simple. This is a great issue indeed!

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