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We see, hear, smell, taste and touch birds. Which evokes the deepest reaction from you?
Poll Question:
We humans interact with birds all the time.

We hear them ... especially on Spring mornings. We see them in flight or perching in trees, bobbing on water. We smell them ... if the chicken house isn't cleaned. *Bigsmile* We collect their feathers. We eat them (and if you die unattended they'll eat you *Shock*).


The squawk of a gull along the shore; the unexpected caw of a crow; the bustle of a flock of waxwings in a mountain ash; the flap of dove wings.

The flash of red on a snowy day: the cardinal at the bird feeder. The flight of thunderbirds (vultures) soaring before a storm or hovering over roadkill, cleaning up after our messes. Goldfinches looping through the bushes.

The parakeet pestering the dog. Your dog or cat having caught a nestling, bringing it to you, gently dropping it in your hand. A parrot sitting on your shoulder, nibbling your ear.

A feather found along the path.

Imagine Thanksgiving and stuffed turkey, sliced on your plate, covered with gravy. An elegant dinner, duck a l'orange. Your in-laws and chicken and dumplings.

That chicken that got away ... crossing the road.

Smell it. Taste it. Do not waste the experience. Savor it.

Which is your favorite interaction with a bird? Then answer, choosing among these:
Poll Options:
      Finding a feather while you take your walk.
      Flash of a cardinal at the birdfeeder.
      Duck a l'orange at an elegant dinner.
      One caught by your cat or your dog, gently dropped in your hand.
      Squawk of the gull along an empty shore.
      The soar of the thunderbird heralding the storm.
      An unexpected caw of a crow.
      Sliced turkey served with stuffing and gravy.
      A chicken crossing some proverbial path.
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