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Wondering how many others...
Poll Question:
Yep, times are tough. I'm a very hard working individual but I was laid off in January for "company restructuring." I broke my leg in December and thankfully had enough saved to pay for COBRA and take care of bills while I healed. After many long months, I'm claiming my leg's healed (though I still cant wear heels) - but am able to drive, so I've been job hunting, seriously hunting since April. I have sent out more than one hundred resumes/cover letters and have had a small handful of interviews. I was wondering how many others out there are dealing with this kind of thing.

Here are the questions:
Have you ever been laid off? How long did it take to get another "decent" job?

I work in graphic design... or did before being let go. If you vote, please let me know what field you work/worked in, how long it took you to get another job, what you did to get it, etc. I'm looking for any advice I can get at this point. *Smile*
Poll Options:
      Laid off recently(in last 3 months)still not working
      Laid off recently, went right to another decent job
      Laid off before - took a while (email) to get a job
      Laid off - went/going back to school
      Laid off before - took more than 6mo. to find a job
      Not laid off, but about to be
      Not been laid off, but had to do the firing
      Never been laid off - thank God!
      I'm the boss
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