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Do you Love teenage romance or do you find it too juvenille and unrealistic . Vote Below
Poll Question:
Do You Like The Genre of Writting Teenage Romance or Do You Dislike it ?
Poll Options:
      I LOVE IT ! It is The Best Genre Ever !
      I Really like it ! Its One of my Favourite Genres
      I Like it a lot ! Its a Golod Genre and I enjoy it
      I Like it . Its enjoyable
      Its Okay as a Genre . I dont mind it
      I dont really Like it . I dont find too much intrest in it
      I dont like it . Its not in my intrest
      I Really Dislike it ! Its not at all appealing to me
      I Hate it ! I Absolutely detest this Genre. Its terrible and is of no intrest to me .
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/1586510-Do-You-Enjoy-Teenage-Romance-