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What does ˚π˚ mean? This poll is a story and you answer that question.
Poll Question:

So what does ˚π˚ mean? Read this story poll or poll story and decide:

1. 2 headed sheepdog. Mars had been a sheepherder before he was sent off to war. Sometimes he came across a two headed sheep, sometimes a two headed dog. He needed to stop sipping hemlock.

2. Cornice of an Ionic column. After Mars had defeated the Persians, the Incas and the Andaluzians, the sheep thought Mars was OMG, a son of a Sun and the Holy Post. Word got out. So the local folks erected a temple to his magnificence. Raised the roof with decorated columns. This is the only one left, sunk now in dirt.

3. Venus and Mars divided by pi. Back in the sheepherder's hut that Mars used for his trysts, Venus and Mars were very close friends. Couldn't be parted, till Earth (Pi was his nickname) came along and strode straight between them.

4. A rolled arm bench. After realizing Pi was a cad, Venus sat there waiting for Mars. She stewed. She ranted. She raved. (She was somewhat emotional back in the day...) Mars didn't show up. She erupted, boiled off her oceans, steamed while he slowly froze without her warmth.

5. 2 degrees above pi. May as well have been absolute zero. Mars should've known better. He had been drawn to Jupiter, that air-headed punk.

6. Two politicians joined at the ass. Venus was miffed when Mars fled, filed suit for custody of his sheep and his sheepherder's hut, hired a lawyer who spoke out of both sides of his mouth. Friends took sides. The politicians wrote laws. It went to court. Then it had to be appealed. Went in front of old Janus, that $%^& two headed judge. He threw the case out. Get a life he told everyone. Then he propositioned Venus.

7. Doubles ping-pong match. Venus was not amused. She summoned the Valkyries and cried, "Heads will roll!" They moved the venue to Delhi. History shows that the Chinese won, but the Greeks drank too much ouzo and trashed the joint so the Hindus erected the Himalayas and refused to host the Olympics again.

8. Wide-eyed, bucktoothed rabbit. Mars pleaded with Earth to let him sneak back from Jupiter. He was cold. So he moved into Australia, brought a big red stone with him, called it Ayer's rock. He lived there peacefully until Venus unleashed the daughters of Banicula. They're still out back searching for him.

9. Someone tipped over my little red wagon! Back in Vegas, Venus became a vamp. But like big girls who like cheap thrills, she could only afford a 1980 Toyota she named Fred. On Thanksgiving night Mercury... who she thought was her friend... got together with Jupiter who was visiting Earth and the three boys decided to have some fun at Venus' expense. When she came out of the casino her boy-toy was belly up. Pi and his two friends left town as quick as they could. (They were seen at the new Target in a suburb of Saturn.)

Which explains why the day after Thanksgiving, there's no Pi on Earth!

Somewhere in the universe, there is a true explanation of what ˚π˚ is. But this is the story that Mars told us... and he's our bestest of friends.


*Star* Phobos *Star* and *Star* Deimos *Star*

PS: And may no asteroid hit you... well, you know where.

˚π ˚π ˚π ˚π ˚π ˚π *Smile* π˚ π˚ π˚ π˚ π˚ π˚

So what does ˚π˚ mean?
Poll Options:
      2 headed sheepdog; doesn't know which way to go.
      Cornice of an Ionic column; sunken in dust.
      Venus and Mars divided by pi; don't come between them.
      A rolled arm bench; designed in antiquity.
      2 degrees above pi; far below absolute zero.
      Two politicians joined at the ass; they're both donkeys.
      Doubles ping-pong match; Chinese style with two balls.
      Wide-eyed, bucktoothed rabbit; a daughter of Banicula.
      Someone tipped over my little red wagon! Wah!
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