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Take this poll if you like to write about creatures from the realms of sci-fi/fantasy
Poll Question:
Hello, I want to know the sorts of non-humans science fiction and fantasy writers like to write about.

So what types do you write about?

PS. If you are interested in checking out a group that deals with non-humans in general, check out the following group.

Non-Humans R Us  (13+)
Anthros and monsters discussion group.
#1625765 by BIG BAD WOLF Is 31 on 6/3/20
Poll Options:
      Monsters (Like werewolves, vampires, ect.)
      Aliens (like Klingons, Wookies, and such)
      talking animals
      some other type of non-human (Email me please)
      I like different types
      I don't write about them, but I do read about/draw them
      I'm not interested in Non-Humans.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/1629158