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You've read Monster Cowboys. Tell me if Jack lives or dies. Closed

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Well, not a whole lot of votes, but I was able to put an end to the saga.

If you have read Monster Cowboys you know that Jack has fought a very powerful dridder. You also know that he killed the dridder and is now on Death's Bed. You also know that Jacob is currently running to get Jane, Jack's wife, so that the man can tell her something important, that he loves her.

However, what happens now is up to you.

Is Jacob able to get to Jane, and get her to Jack in time?

Does Jack live or die?

Also, if Jack lives, does he stay with Jane, or does he tell her that her husband is dead, but told him to give her a message that he loved her, even with his dying breath, and leaves afterwards?

It is your choice.

Option One: Jacob is unable to make it back to him, and Jack dies, never to see his beloved wife in the world of the living again.

Option Two: Jacob is able to get to Jane and back to Jack in time, who has just enough time to tell her that he loves her, and still loves her, and passes away, with a smile on his face, looking up into Jane's blue eyes, and seeing her golden hair.

Option Three: Jack survives his wounds, and after telling Jane that the man she knew died loving her, rides off into the sunset, like most heros at the end of a western story, never to see her again.

Option Four: Jack survives his wounds, and decides to stay in town, help rebuild it, and to be with Jane, and raise their children, including the daughter that Jane had with Jessie.

Please be sure to read the story first.

 Monster Cowboys The Book  (18+)
The Unabridged Story of how Jack Clawtooth gets back his family. Published.
#1682069 by BIG BAD WOLF Feels Lucky

PS. Please email me and explain the reasons for your choice, as I want to know.
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