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by Jeff
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A poll to determine community interest in a group focused on screenwriting.
Poll Question:

Screenwriting is a very specific type of writing that deals with writing scripts that are translated into movies, television shows, and other types of motion pictures. It involves specific formatting, general style rules, and writing considerations that are unique to the medium of screenwriting and - in some cases - drastically different from traditional prose.

The purpose of this poll is to determine community interest in starting a group that specifically discusses and offers activities related to screenwriting. I've worked in the motion picture industry for almost a decade, both as a screenwriter and as a production company executive responsible for finding, developing, and producing material. I envision this group as mostly a discussion group with supplemental advice articles about the craft and the business, and maybe even a screenwriting activity every so often if there's enough interest. Nothing too intensive or time-consuming; just a central place for writers interested in screenwriting to come, listen, learn, and discuss.

Please take a moment to indicate whether a group like this is something you are interested in.
Poll Options:
      I am definitely interested.
      I might be interested.
      I probably would not be interested.
      I am definitely not interested.
      I have no opinion one way or the other.
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