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A poll to ask people whether they would rather I separate poems and short stories.
Poll Question:
A poll to help me decide whether to separate poetry and short stories in
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If I have a separate category for poems and short stories, the prizes will be:

1st Place ~ 50K Awardicon + MB
2nd Place ~ 25K Awardicon + MB
3rd Place ~ 10K Awardicon + MB
HMs (up to three) 10K Awardicon

There would also be an overall prize (not one awarded in the above prizes) of a 100K Awardicon + MB. If we go with this option, I will allow people to enter one item in each category.

BUT, if I keep the entries altogether and have one set of prizes, they would be divided like this:

1st Place ~ 100K Awardicon + MB
2nd Place ~ 75K Awardicon + MB
3rd Place ~ 50K Awardicon + MB
HMs (minimum of three) 10K Awardicon + MB

These prizes are for this first round only as I want to kick of the contest with a bang! *BigSmile*
Poll Options:
      Split the entries into two categories; Poetry and Short Stories
      Keep the entries to be judged altogether
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/polls/item_id/2166929-To-Separate-Or-Not-To-Separate