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Wanted: help in choosing the next prompt category for my contest
Poll Question:
Have you participated or wanted to participate in "Journalistic Intentions [18+]? If so, I could use your help!

I have a few ideas for prompt categories. Once I have a category selected, I will start collecting prompts for the October round. To give you an idea of what each prompt category would entail, I have included a few brief descriptions. That said, there could be some changes to that based on any feedback I receive (or random ideas that pop into my head down the road).

*Bulletr* Photography: This would be all photography I have created. Animals, funny signs, and flowers are just some of the possible subcategories.

*Bulletr* Global Foods: This could include names of dishes, recipes, unusual ingredients (to Western diets), people devoted to preserving/reexamining culinary traditions, and articles on the origins of various meals.

*Bulletr* Inconveniences of 2020: These inconveniences would be selections from The Daily Show's Bracket of (B.S.) held in the spring of 2021.

*Bulletr* Historic Trends: This could involve clothing, beauty, or fashion trends. However, it is just as likely to include trendy scientific opinions held throughout history; trends in education; parenting practice trends; or anything else relating to changes in human behavior patterns.

In order to keep the feedback on this poll from not getting too out of hand and ensure a theme is actually chosen in a timely manner, I am not including an other option. This could change on future polls.
Poll Options:
      Global foods
      Inconveniences of 2020
      Historic Trends
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