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Items specifically for and/or about this community.

About the Folder

The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress created and continue to develop this phenomenal web site, and for that I admire them greatly. This folder is not only dedicated to them, but also to the many members of Writing.Com, whose support and creativity are just as important in allowing this community to grow and thrive.

About the Items

"Plug Page Help [13+]:
The official Writing.Com plug pages are some of the most visited In & Outs on the site, providing free advertising for all members. This forum is for any question or issue related to using these items.

"Grammarama [13+]
I pride myself on my grammatical prowess, and because of that, I seek to help others improve their own writing mechanics. Within this journal, I will highlight frequent pitfalls I have witnessed and offer explanations and examples that will hopefully eliminate the confusion. Although this journal was born for the purpose of supplementing my reviews, it can also serve as a general reference.

"I Hope You Dance [18+]
With the Writing.Com Convention in 2006 slated to be the last one ever, I thought I should take the opportunity to go. At first, I was unsure whether I would enjoy myself, but those doubts quickly disappeared over the course of the weekend. This is my account of those four wonderful days in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

"My Rating Philosophy [ASR]
Rate 3.0 stars for average and 5.0 stars for perfect, right? Well, as simple as it sounds, the Writing.Com rating system has, at least once, led to frustration and confusion for many authors on the site. I have laid out, in general terms, why I rate the way I do, and have come to realize that a good number of others agree with me. The rating system is a hot topic, which is why this is one of my most popular items.

"The Ins and Outs of In & Outs [E]
Are you confused about all the different styles and settings for Writing.Com’s In & Out items? Have no fear, because this item shows you all you need to know to get your In & Out up and running.

"Kraken's Kudos [ASR]
This is where I list my Writing.Com testimonials, awardicons and Merit Badges I’ve given, and illustrations that have been created for me.

"Writing.Com: City of Writes [E]
Those who have immersed themselves in the activity of Writing.Com know that the true magic of this site extends far beyond the realm of writing. Its success stems from the strong sense of community it engenders. In fact, Writing.Com is essentially a virtual city, a notion I develop in this extended testimonial. The StoryMaster and The StoryMistress have established the basic infrastructure, but it is ultimately the people, the members of Writing.Com, who define this city and make it great.
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