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Items written about the storm, its aftermath, and a result of the storm.
Just as Wynton Marsalis proclaimed that the storm would not have any particular influence over his future musical pieces, I feel the same when it comes to my writing. I consider myself a dark writer, already, so the only way the storm and its devastation effected my writing was to add fuel to its darkness.

So, while I would like to fill this folder with lots of items with deep meanings, most of what you'll find here are a few of the pieces I actually managed to write as I worked my way through my shock, disbelief, and anger.

Thank you for stopping by.

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    Snapshots of destruction...
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    An award for Katrina and New Orleans related items that touched me.
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    Thank You So Much!
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    I scrambled to the outskirts...
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    on the Lifetime Channel; a suspense thriller set in New Orleans.
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    On saving your writing in case of disaster...
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    Forty things I learned while living in a makeshift homeless shelter...
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    Missy was a lovable pet.
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