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My original Star Trek series.
Notice: GUYS, PLEASE REVIEW. Even a single sentence (whether good or bad) will make my day. I'm getting a lot of hits, but I'm not sure if people are even finishing each episode... Thanks...

Well, here it is. My own Star Trek series featuring the cadets of Starfleet Academy.

Thanks to everybody for their useful input as well as encouragement to keep this story going.

If you're not a writing.com member, you can contact me on either of these two emails: filipjanik@writing.com and filip_janik@hotmail.com

And here it is, my title screen is finally revealed!!! I think anyone who has been reading so far will know why I've kept back revealing it for such a long time, so here goes... SPOILER ALERT!!! :)

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Important note: I know that it has been said countless times that the Federation is 8000LY in diameter (TNG, First Contact) but just a quick look at warp scale factors ( http://www.memory-alpha.org/en/wiki/Warp_factor_scale_%2824th_century%29 ) shows that this isn't feasible. Considering that, for example, the Klingon fleet crossed the entire federation territory to reach Cardassia during the Dominion wars. If we imagine that they were travelling at warp nine (and even that is seriously doubtful) it would take them SEVEN YEARS to get from the Klingon Border to the Cardassian. I'm not even talking about the Enterprise being near the Cardassian border in one episode and then the Romulan in the next.

This suggests that either the warp scale or the size of the federation is wrong. If you care about things like this i suggest you visit http://www.stdimension.org/int/Cartography/federation.htm , which provides excellent analysis into the subject.

I have therefore decided to adopt some of this person's reasoning to make travelling through the Federation more like the actual series, rather than the data they provide in vague numbers.

In simple, the Federation does span 8000LY, but that is including very far off members and colonies, with the main parts still concentrated in a cca. 100-200 LY distance.

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Sorry for the quality. But as you can see, For example the Rigel Core is far beyond even the Klingon empire. (red section) This makes a lot more sense to me than seven year travel times from one side to another.
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    Images to accompany my ST series. Most of them are modified screenshots from SFC 3.
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