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Gallery of Belle-Lettres by Nicki
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Welcome! My name is Nicki and I am the curator of this exhibit. Feel free to browse around and read at your leisure. My forte is the short story, which has been the launching point of my interest in creative writing, and my learning arena. Inevitably, a larger work has begun to brew in the depths of my imagination. As I enjoy the writing process, I continue to learn and hone my craft. To this end, I encourage your comments and feedback. I try to read, rate and review items of those kind enough to offer their time to my work.

If you scroll down to the bottom of this page, you will find several folders containing all my stories. Click on any folder title and a list of its contents will open and you will be able to read any story from there. Otherwise, here is a quick list of my favorite selections. Click on any title to read that story:

*Right* Newest story! *Smile*:
In The Face Of Danger  (13+)
When I was a Peace Corps volunteer, I learned the meaning of true danger -Winner SOYB 8/09
#1594763 by NickiD89

Homage  (13+)
1st Place Winner of Short Shots 7/09; published in Literary Foray anthology 2010
#1583786 by NickiD89

The Path Back  (XGC)
CAUTION: Erotica! Adults only, please.
#1580984 by NickiD89

Stopgap  (18+)
Watch out for people who always have a plan .... and a 'tell.' Short Shots May '09
#1559283 by NickiD89

 Don't Tempt Me  (13+)
Comedy about temptation; Quotation Inspiration April '09
#1553482 by NickiD89

The Key  (13+)
An adopted girl receives a rusty, old key. Will it unlock her life's mysteries?
#1545198 by NickiD89

The Sound of Consequences  (13+)
Lifetime wish comes w/consequences. Winner of the Rising Stars North Star contest!
#1521031 by NickiD89

Unfinished Business  (13+)
My entry for August Quotation Inspiration Contest, closes Aug. 31, 2008
#1464597 by NickiD89

The Fortune Teller  (13+)
Sometimes it's easier than you think to gaze into the future -- Contest Entry; Revised!
#1468997 by NickiD89

Mariposa  (13+)
Life is unbearable when all hope is lost.
#1434945 by NickiD89

The Way Forward  (13+)
A weekend gone horribly wrong shapes the future.
#1387155 by NickiD89

Path of Open Doors  (E)
A stranger changes Jane's life forever.
#1418381 by NickiD89

It was Tuesday  (E)
A young struggling volunteer finds friendship and inspiration start with 'Tuesday'
#1380889 by NickiD89

A Shift in the Universe  (18+)
When one knows better, one does better.
#1397787 by NickiD89

Walk with a Shark  (13+)
A woman seeking adventure remembers the past, affects the future
#1348332 by NickiD89

A Little Drummer Boy  (E)
A young man is inspired to start a new holiday tradition.
#1358192 by NickiD89

The Giving Lesson  (E)
Child's story about 4 animals who learn that giving is far more wonderful than receiving.
#1345108 by NickiD89

After The Ice  (18+)
In a moment of panic, a man's life flashes before his eyes.
#1403971 by NickiD89

Laughter Is The Best Medicine  (E)
Meal time is a time to be together, laughing, sharing, ... gagging...
#1400555 by NickiD89

Family Legend: Rome N.Y. Recipe  (E)
Family lore is precious, but accurate?
#1344947 by NickiD89

 Flight of Freedom  (E)
Flash fiction - A story about someone who can fly.
#1382464 by NickiD89

 Broken Dreams  (13+)
First place winning entry: Prompted by a photo of a woman standing on a pier.
#1361753 by NickiD89

 Commencement  (13+)
First Place Winning Entry - A Picture Is Worth A 1000 Words Contest
#1357308 by NickiD89

 Under The Magnolia's Gaze  (13+)
Memoir piece recalling an incident that taught all those involved a lesson on humanity.
#1394393 by NickiD89

Recently, I have been exploring structured and free verse poetry. Click on this folder to read -- but be warned, I am a novice poet!!
My Poetry  (13+)
From free form to structured, abstract to literal, all my poems are here
#1479262 by NickiD89

*Right* Here is my latest poem -- Please review! *Smile*
The Call of a Whale  (E)
1st Place - Quotation Inspiration 6/09 Narrative shape poem written in iambic meter.
#1573307 by NickiD89

Please sign my Guest Book, I would love to know you stopped by *Cool*
Gallery Guest Book  (E)
I am honoring the Angel Army this month! Stop in and check it out!
#1405857 by NickiD89

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Plague I received for winning the Rising Stars 2008 North Star contest

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