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I have found myself within my darkest muse.

You fear me!
Come, smell the falling petals blow in the wind.
See the flowers bend to my breath, searing and cruel.
Feel my touch, deep within your soul, such divine rapture.

Yet your fear lingers!
You're afraid of my comforting darkness, blinded in your light.
Not willing yet to seek what drives you mad, granting you peace.
I am what you have been seeking, your naked salvation.

Do not let your mortal fear guide you!
See me in all my beauty, my skin the softest silk.
My lips the darkest red, tenderly kissing your fading hearbeat.
My body a vessel of raging passion, you crave to touch.

Your fear hides from you what heavenly love I give in pain.
Together we can be more than any mortal trapped in their flesh.
My hand graces yours, and you do not fear anymore.
Finally you have found peace, in my undead breath.
Never have you known or will know pain this way.

You have uncovered your fear, and let darkness guide ya.
Finally embraced way to all I give, all the madness that stabs you.
Together we are more that heaven can be, all that hell is.
Bless you! You have opened your eyes and saw peace.
In the comfort of my sweet despair.

Love always my baby sister darkskye who found my muse! *Kiss*'s and so like me!

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