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Just a place to house my shorter literary works and/or contest entries.
Short & not always so Sweet! *giggles* My short stories to a T!

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    Rated: 18+ · Contest Entry · #1763893
    A fractured family is pulled back together by tragedy and shared experience.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #1540121
    Sean & Kayla walk the fine line between love and hate ~ Birthday Gift for Kiya!
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #1554652
    A married couple learns that three doesn't have to be a crowd. ~ UENG Contest Winner.
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #1383680
    A short bit of prison love. A M/M slash I wrote for an OZ chat group I belong to
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #1596159
    A tropical coup uses the oldest of currency to seal the deal~2nd Place UENG Summer Contest
    Rated: XGC · Adult · #1454273
    Society's morals are mere suggestions, no more than roadblocks to their desires
    Rated: GC · Erotica · #1731395
    Damaged by the horror of human trafficking, two battered souls find a connection.
    Rated: 18+ · Contest Entry · #1789891
    An unemployed single mother struggles to make a better life for her daughter.
    Rated: 13+ · Emotional · #1797916
    The unlikeliest of friends find in one another life long soul sisters.-1st place Winner!
    Rated: 18+ · Contest Entry · #2197099
    Paralyzed by fear & heart shredded by loss, a one-hit-wonder looks for a rebirth.~2nd PL!
    Rated: 18+ · Contest Entry · #2225330
    Ranching can be a hard & lonely business, love is a sight for sore eyes.
    Rated: 13+ · Contest Entry · #1857507
    Little League Baseball, hot summer days, and the love of the game.~Winner 3/12 Short Shots
    Rated: 13+ · Drama · #2217701
    A pandemic and life sends a woman back home with her tail between her legs.
    Rated: 13+ · Romance/Love · #2076099
    Letters meant for another man lead Nate to a mail-order bride and his soulmate.
    Rated: 18+ · Contest Entry · #2079690
    After a life full of loss Taylor doesn't believe in God, but it sucks that he isn't real.
    Rated: E · Contest Entry · #1694995
    A collection of shorter short stories most written for TWQ contest.
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