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by chaos
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A few role playing logs I've done with fellow writers. Extra naughty style
How is it going voreaphiliacs and voreamaniacs?

Your old pal chaos is here with some of his own online role playing logs. These are quick RPs, done with no complicated plots, character completely out of character and graphic content. If you still have a night light, don't read.

If anyone is interested in doing some role playing with me in the near future, email me at fearboy@Writing.Com

Click, read and enjoy!
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    Rated: XGC · Other · #1492644
    Katnappe beats Kimiko in a battle of digestion
    Rated: XGC · Other · #1492642
    Kimiko beats Katnappe in a battle of digestion
    Rated: XGC · Other · #1492396
    Leshawna and Heather end their rivalry once and for all
    Rated: XGC · Other · #1492389
    The final chapter and final meal for Padme
    Rated: XGC · Other · #1492386
    Ahsoka gets really kinky with her master
    Rated: XGC · Other · #1492385
    Ahsoka wants Anakin, luckily her last meal has changed her into a new woman
    Rated: XGC · Other · #1492384
    Ahsoka Tano uses a special technique to rid the universe of the vile Ventress
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