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At 40ish I got even with corporate America. The pen IS mightier than the sword

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I used to ignore stupidity and as a result of my own apathetic attitude, I lost out on things that should have been returned for a refund, lost time due to poor communication, wasted fuel going to places that did not stock what they advertised or sold out early and the list is endless. You each have your own drama to share.

I woke up one morning and put my writing skills to work on righting the wrongs done to me, (in my mind anyway) and anyone else I deemed worthy.

Now I have a perfect place to showcase them all - THANK YOU WRITING.COM for being born and blessing sooo many! *Star*

Ooooohh, I have learned that Christians are not to be offended easily, dratz, not only am I judgemental, I am offended to the point of writing a letter almost every time. If a phone call will provide and end to my objective, I'll hop right on the phone. I'll admit that I pray sometime prior to punching that number. And at others I bypass my heavenly connections because I wish to be a demented personality. *Blush*

I know me, I have a wicked tongue sometime (**shame and pigeon-toed**) and as much as it is humorous sometime, I usually regret it and have to grovel my sincerest apologies. I CAN do that. Grovel, I mean. My ex has told me that they never heard apologies like mine before. They said they usually doubt apologies but that no one could doubt mine. WOW *Shock* and that's coming from an EX. They rarely compliment me so I know one of their's when I hear it (**chuckle, chuckle**)

Hopefully and prayerfully there will be no more additions to this folder, HOWEVER, realistically, I may fill this folder and another *Laugh* and *Laugh* and *Laugh* *Exclaim*

*Thumbsdown* * *Reading* * *Reading* * *Reading* * *Thumbsdown*

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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/portfolio/item_id/1549412-Blistering-Business-Letters