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Bibliography re: bipolar books, autobiographies, and memoirs, for my book, out spring 2012
I'm going to write all the books I've read on bipolar in my Bibliography starting with this organizational page. I want my bibliography, and maybe some footnotes, or chapter end notes, to be in perfect for and style for the MLA.

I have to go back and remind myself every time I start dealing with direct quotes and documentation, and my favorite web sites for checking is:

http://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/05/ Lots of good writer info.

I'm going to need to do some reading as a review, and everything I need to know is right there. No reason to get it wrong. I'm happy to share my source, and you may be pleased if you visit there.

I'll include bipolar books, autobiographies, and memoirs, that have documentation for the individuals presently included in my working list.

{item:1857529 } {item:752685{

Since this info will probably come in several spurts, as I get the hang of immersion reading, and condensing a life of information into about a paragraph ( of words, or so is difficult. If anyone should notice I've highlighted something in an individual's life, and what I put is not the most important thing they are known for PLEASE E-MAIL ME. Let me know if it is obvious I don't know what I'm talking about in some cases. Let me know if I didn't include an individual's best known movie or performance. I need my peers help to get this right.

This list presently has over 150 celebrities, and as I go along in my Internet article reading to find out everything about the person, I've found new celebrities to add to the list, on different pages. Bipolar disorder is surely connected in a positive way to the creative area of the brain. This list will probably shrink to 100 people when this is finished.

If you have an opinion of two or three sources being used for the brief bios, please let me know what's required in college classes or professional journal papers. I like Wikipedia for general info, for what's it's worth, but I surely wouldn't use just Wikipedia as verification. I suppose the web pages will be clickable in the e-book version of my upcoming book.

Thanks for your interest.
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