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Stories and poems for children that embrace the very infinite essence of childhood fun.
Our today children are, one day, going to be our president, our teachers, our electricians, our astronauts, our police officers, etc. In the meantime, let them be the kids they are. Imaginative, funny, even a little dorky sometimes. And I encourage you: READ with your child!!! Its an excellent bonding experience and memories that will last a lifetime. Its never too late to start, even if its the newspaper.
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    "To know wishes and wagons filled with dreams, we must see through the eyes of a child."
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    A lesson in working for what you want. Children's.
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    Cindy asks her Dad about Jesus at their weekly tea party.
    Rated: E · Teen · #1985949
    Can Cassie overcome the obstacles in her path to rescue her brother in time?
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    Summer doesn't have to be boring. Use your imagination.
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    All little girls have an angel. Revised, now rhyming.
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