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A buoyant, poetic view of my home town which is forty miles east of Los Angeles.
Ever since I was four years old...Ontario has been my town, my home.
Before this town was even first founded, there was a time when she was nearly surrounded, by grape vineyards for making fine wine. There were orchards where lemons and oranges grew; some tangerine, grapefruit and avocado too.

From time to time, it just came and went...that sweet Sunkist scent. An aroma so familiar in the misty morning dew...always a citrus breeze blowing on our way to school.

Since the Euclid Trolley Cars and Track, have retired and won't be coming back...The grassy Euclid Center Divide is now lined with roses both far and wide.

And the lemon blossoms unique sweet scent, perfumes the warm spring air a hint. The nesting birds sound very very content because nature assures them another seasons free rent.

The annual Autumn Santa Ana winds, mark the fall season before winter can begin. Its powerful gusts blow down the fresh pine air, that's almost to crisp for your nose to bare.

And who does not enjoy the view of the snow dusted mountain peaks? What an awesome and breathless sight; especially if you catch a glimps of how they glow in the full moons' light.

So the next time these devil winds blow, just remember that they clean up our air; make the sun shine more bright; and from this sometimes dull, sunk-in valley, make all the mountains that surround us, an exclusively rare and beautiful sight.

I am still proud to know and proud to show, a city where my family will live and grow, I feel it deep in the heart of my home town ..we call ONTARIO.
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