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A folder for all items related to the WDC Soundtrackers
A folder for all items related to the WDC Soundtrackers.
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    Fill out this form if you'd like to join The WDC Soundtrackers Group!
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    A community of writers who are inspired by music.
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    Every February, you're invited to chronicle the music that has influenced your life!
    Rated: 13+ · Contest · #1377819
    An annual challenge to write a short story collection based on an album! Runs April-June.
    Rated: E · Music · #1987725
    An annual interlinked musical blogging challenge! Runs September 1st through 7th(ish).
    Rated: E · Activity · #2009876
    A yearly blogging challenge featuring cover songs and/or dead artists! Runs every October.
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    The holiday season is the perfect time for a holiday music challenge! Runs every December.
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    WDC Soundtrackers Logo
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    Musician obituaries from The Guardian, for use in the Resurrection Jukebox challenge
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    Soundtrack of Your Life Logo
    Rated: E · Music · #2232533
    12 Days of Christmas Logo
    Rated: E · Music · #2232531
    Resurrection Jukebox Logo
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