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by Seuzz
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The Disney XD animated series, reimagined with new plots, new stories and new characters!
While attending a scientific demonstration in radiology, high-school student Peter Parker is bitten by an arachnid that had been accidentally exposed to radioactive rays, giving him the powers of a spider and a new, secret identity as ... Spider-Man!

* * *

This fanfiction is based on the Disney XD animated series that began airing in 2017. While keeping most of the elements and even some of the original stories, it rearranges them into new patterns, deletes many episodes and story developments, and adds new ones.

Most of the entries are treatments—the sort of detailed outlines that precede the writing of an actual script—but some will be written in script format.

Acknowledgement: All characters belong to Marvel Comics, The Walt Disney Company, and to any and all relevant affiliates. This project is executed without permission of the rights holders, and is intended purely as an exercise in writing and personal development, and is shared, with no intention of profit, for comment and criticism.
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