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Music! Jeff provides the prompts. I just respond. (1946-1955)
Barrel of Monkeys  (E)
An annual interlinked musical blogging challenge! Runs September 1st through 7th(ish).
#1987725 by Jeff

September 2020 challenge: 10 songs.

*VinylY* For each song, create a blog entry that provides the name of the song, the artists performing the song, the year the song was released, and a link/embedded video for a YouTube video or other online source where the song can be heard and/or the lyrics can be found. Then write a little something inspired by the song you chose!

1946: Let it snow "1946 Let It Snow
         My mantra as a child: Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
1947: Green Eyes "1947 Green Eyes
         "Penelope's green eyes begged me to pet her..."
1948: Buttons and Bows "1948 Buttons and Bows
         Supposedly written in the house where I once lived.
1949: Some Enchanted Evening "1949 Some Enchanted Evening
         I was raised with classical music and musicals.
1950: Tennessee Waltz "1950 Tennessee Waltz
         In 5th grade we had to do a project on a state. I chose Tennessee.
1951: Autumn Leaves "1951 Autumn Leaves
         "...was I suddenly aware that the autumn leaves were fading like the color of your hair?
1952: Ballad of High Noon "1952 High Noon (Do not forsake me, oh my darlin' )
         The 1950s had lots of western cowboy movies. My father loved them.
1953: Once I Had a Secret Love "1953 Secret Love
         Now I shout it from the highest hills. Even told the golden daffodils
1954: Three Coins in the Fountain "1954 Three coins in a fountain
          Oh, the unrealistic 1950s. Oh, the angst!
1955: Yellow Rose of Texas "1955 Yellow Rose of Texas
         "The yellow rose of Kansas blooms a verdant velveteen."
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