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Inspired by Musicology Anthology for 2021 ~ Album, "Home" by The Corrs/ Withdrawn
This folder holds my short story entries based on the album, "Home" by The Coors.

These were inspired by:

Musicology Anthology  (13+)
An annual challenge to write a short story collection based on an album! Runs April-June.
#1377819 by Jeff

This is an ongoing project. I am no longer writing it for Musicology Anthology because health reasons and a hospitalization intervened.

When I finish all the songs, I will make the stories public.

In the meantime, I have to take it easy.

Here is my product review of the album:

Home   (Rated: E)
ID #110366
Product Type: Music
Reviewer: ♥HOOves♥
Review Rated: E
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Amazon's Price: $ 2.49

I bought the CD of this Irish group's album, "Home" back in 2005, at a time when my mother was dying.

Coincidentally, the album is based on a list of songs from the singing group's late mother Jean Corr. The goal of the album was to bring new interpretations to traditional Irish songs. She had collected these in a songbook and they found them. The album was never a "hit", but it is a favorite of mine. I know all the songs by heart, even the Gaelic ones. I don't speak Gaelic, but I know the sounds.

Somehow, hearing these songs has brought me through some tough times of loss and it is the CD I listen to most often over the past fifteen-plus years. Most of my listening is done in the car as I drive. There have been more losses, even one as recently as last year.

To put it quite simply, the album soothes me and reminds me of Ireland. I have traveled there many times.

Two of the times were after my mother's death.

So, this is the obvious choice for me - to write short stories about what "home" means to characters, inspired by these songs and listen to them again. I need them now, as I have for many years. There is something magical about this music, to me at least.

The short stories will have recurring characters. Some will be told in the first person and some in third person.

The songs tend to transport me whilst I listen.

If you check the You Tube links out out, I hope you will enjoy the music. *Music2*

These are the song titles as they appear on the CD, with links to the stories:

"My Lagan Love
"Spancill Hill
Peggy Gordon
Black is the Colour
Heart Like a Wheel
Buachaill On Eirne
Old Hag
Moorlough Shore
Old Town
Dimming of the Day
Brid Og Ni Mhaille
Haste to the Wedding

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