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A childrens book of Tarot
Tarot is a kind of magical card game much like solitaire. Cards are dealt face up onto a surface in pre determined pattern. Based on the placements of the cards, a sort of story unfolds from which can be interpreted guideance or wisdom regarding whatever situation is presented to the deck before the deal.

In a full deck of Tarot cards, there are two major classifications, The Major Arcana, and the Minor Arcana. The Minor Arcana are very much like a normal deck of cards with four suits of cards having pip cards from ace through ten, and four face cards (one more than a typical deck of cards).

The Major Arcana are cards with pictures representing the 21 aspects of the universe. It is believed that these aspects encompase all significant points of human experience and wisdom (both seen and unseen). These aspects are often viewed as etherial personalties whom rule and reign over their particular domains.

When casting tarot cards, each card has a specific concept associated with it. If the card is dealt upside down, the meaning of the card in the story changes (reversing or "opposing" the card).

The following poems and images are representative of the Major Arcana of the tarot deck.

Let the journey begin!

Note For Reviewers:


This work is intended to be experienced as a complete set of 21 illustrated 8 lined proverbs each of which are antithetical quatrains representing the individual card's two potential meanings (upright and opposed)

Each of the 21 poetry items in this collection automatically awards 250 review points. for a total of 5,250 points.

If you complete a review for each of the 21 poems in this collection, I will award you an additional 5,250 points IF the reviews meet the following guidelines:

The reviews for each individual poem must contain the following elements:

1. An impression of the illustration. How does it make you feel, does it seem to align with the poem, etc.

2. A genuine constructive critique of the poem, impressions and or suggestions. I would be thrilled with any technical as well as subjective feedback, especially in regard to readability, grammar, and suggestions on clarity etc.

In addition:

3. A cumulative review of your overall experience with this project posted as your final review to this item.

4. You can follow the links in each page to read the works in their intended order. You do not have to do them all in a single sitting, or in a specific order to get the bonus. You can also navigate through the collection using the WDC "previous item" and "next item" tabs in each items header section (they will not guarantee the proper order), or by selecting the parent folder for the project and chosing them from the folder directory ("The Childrens Book of Tarot).

The bonus is rewarded for a) providing a qualifying review for each item in the collection and b) completing a comprehensive review of the entire project as your final review for this item. (IF YOU WOULD LIKE THE BONUS, DO NOT COMPLETE A REVIEW FOR THIS ITEM UNTIL YOU ARE DONE WITH THE REST OF THE COLLECTION)

Let the journey begin!

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