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Anarchy is not what most people believe it to be. We need to explore the originators
Anarchy is so much more than chaos and violence. In fact, it may well be that these things were never meant to be a part of the narrative at all. It may have been a component promoted and supported by a specific segment of the larger ideal but like all ideologies including religions, there are those that will always feel unfulfilled, oppressed, and dissatisfied with their lives. That happens to be my perspective of the eventual mindset of the amalgam of what has come to be known as Anarchism.

This is an exploration of the writers and thinkers behind the philosophy of Anarchism. I think it is a compelling ideology and deserves to be investigated and contemplated. There is so much more than the superficial facade that has been offered to society about the fundamental beliefs of this thing called Anarchism. There is more than enough disagreement and conflict within the ranks of the movement, more than any other belief system that I have ever explored. There are almost as many perspectives on what Anarchy actually represents as there are Anarchists, so there is in fact much argument, anger, and chaos which is a reasonable inevitability. The least we can do is to listen and consider the consequences and ramifications of their intent and expectations and then decide for ourselves if it is rational, practical, credible, or legitimate.
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