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Cloud formations over the Arabian desert after rains have washed the burning sands.
For most of the year the sun burns down mercilessly over the desert. I have experienced temparatures up to 53 degrees celcius. Nothing survives in the open. There is no grass and no greenery only vast open expanses of desert sand.Then for a short while in August, the rains arrive. And the skies are transformed.
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    I form, when the rains are gone, the sands are washed and life is born
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    The clouds expand, over the parched land, over the desert and the sea
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    The color of clouds
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    I am, yes I am, the cloud messenger
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    Over seas and harbors and boats I float, come float with me.
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    Nimbus and stratus, all the colors you can think of, come, come float with me.
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